Would you like a career as “Writer?”

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    DESCRIPTION ( Would you like a career as “Writer?” )

    Would you like a career as “Writer?”

    If your background is having English/other with honors or masters from a public university or “A” level with writing capability then you can contact with us as “a team member” for writing as an honorable career here or abroad.

    So before considering this content, please have a glimpse here:

    1. This is not SEO based writing.
    2. It is not “to bid” types writing, like odesk/free lancer etc.
    3. If you can write 2000-3000 words quality content in a day and earn 6-10$ as preliminary basis.
    4. Later with your quality writing, your per article (500-1500 words) can be sold just 10-200$ in the international market.
    5. Moreover, your writing should be a native style tone that will only be stewed much.
    6. You must write either AP or Oxford style only.
    7. Later, you can earn 20,000 to 24,000$ in a year that money is poor money for an American/British educated people, but it is a big amount for us as comparative advantages of location with internet facility.
    8. If you live in Bandarban or Tetulia now with having internet facility, you can do provided that you can fulfill the requirements.




    (Just select on the address then right click, again click on the new tab to see)

    Area of writing where much money lies:

    Travel guide
    Product review
    Book review
    Journalist writing
    Media writing
    product specification
    Social matter
    Beauty tips etc.

    If you feel interest, as a writer to write for earning or need the training to be a writer first;
    please contact with me directly over:

    B.Com.(Hons.) with marketing, M.Com.(DU), LL.B.(NU)

    Disclaimer: This advertisement doesn’t reflect a job offer directly, nor does reflect a permanent job, at the moment.
    However, it is a great possible opportunity as many others are doing in the international market now. More, please find me
    to linkdin profile that can help you to consider all as career EFL, ELT, ESL teacher, etc.

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