gsm round cutter

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Product DescriptionGSM Cutter

RAMP GSM CUTTER is an economical equipment to determine the GSM of the fabric (Woven, Non Woven or Knitted). GSM Round Cutter can be used to cut virtually any type of material including film, foam, carpet, paper and board.


RAMP GSM CUTTER main body is completely made of aluminum casting with Locking (Catch Lock) Mechanism for Safety. The equipment has a set of four replaceable reversible blades i.e. all the four sides of the blades can be used. FourSpecial grade, Grey-cutting pads are provided to support while cutting the sample. The equipment is meticulously finished with metallic Brown paint.

Salient Features
Economical equipment to determine GSM (Grams per square meter) of any type of fabrics.
Good grade of aluminum used in main body for lightweight, robustness & resilience.
Stainless steel blade holders for lifelong excellent operations.
Supplied with rubberized foam cutting pad for smooth cutting & long life of the blades.


Technical Specification
Size of the Sample Dia. to be cut:113 mm
Cutting Blades:Reversible i.e. can be used from all the four sides.
Movement of hand wheel:¼ Round to cut a sample
No. of Cutting Pads:2 No.
Size of the gray cutting pads:215 (L) x 215 (W) x 22 (H) mm
Overall Dimensions of the unit:215 (D) x 130 (H) mm
Net Weight of the unit:2.08 Kg. / Gross Weight :- 3.5 kg


Related Standards
ASTM D 3776 / 2646 – 96
ISO 3801
BS 3424 / 2471
BSEN 12127