Mini Digital Sound Noise Level Meter

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1. This unit was designedaccording to the IEC651 TYPE2 & ANSI S1.4 type2 for sound level meters
2. Instantaneous sound measure function
3. Measurement range: 30-130decibel
4. With two equivalent weighted sound pressure levels. A and C
5. Fast & Slow dynamic characteristic modes
6. AC and DCsigned output for requency analyzer level recorder, FFT analyzer, graphic recorder etc.


 Brand Name:  SMART SENSOR 
 Color:  White
 Material:  ABS Plastic
 Digit & Resolution      5 digits & 0.1dB Display: 0.5 secretary
 Measuring Range:  30~130dBA 35~135dBC
 Accuracy  ±1.5dB
 Frequency range:  31.5Hz to 8.5K Hz
 Linearity range:  50dB
 Frequency weighting:   A, C
 Microphone  1/2 inch Condenser Microphone 
 Standard      According to IEC651 TYPE 2 & ANSIS1.4 TYPE 2
 Time Weighting  Fast / SLow
 Bar graph:      50 dB scale at 1 dB step fro monitoring
 current sound pressure level display period: 50mS
 Level ranges:        30-80dB; 50-100dB; 60-110 dB; 80-130dB
 Over indicate over range:       Under indicate less than lower limit for the range                                       
 AC output:        0.707 Vrms at FS output impendance approx 600 ohm
 DC output:       10mV / dB output impedance approx 100 ohm
 Max: Maximum hold / Auto Power Off      V
 External power supply   V
 Level Range Bar Graph  V
 Range Selection        4 modes
 Range Over Indication / Battery Indication  V
 Backlight Display /  Max & Min Hold Function   V
 Sampling Frequency        2 times / sec
 Self calibration time:       10 secs(every turn on)
 Operating condition       Temperature :0-40C ; Humidity: 10% to 80%RH
 Storage Condition                                                      Temperature: -10 to 60C ; Humidity: 10% to 70% RH
 Packing Information
 Power         9V battery or DC 9V 100mA
 Product Net Weight        150g
 Product Size         224*66*33mm
 Packing        Gift box
 Standard Quantity Per Carton        24
 Standard Carton Size         45*38*55cm
 Standard Carton Gross Weight       16.42kg
 Packing Contents                                                       1PC AS824 1pc user manual 1pc DC cable 1pc Gift box


 Diagram and LCD display 


AS824-2  1. Electret Condenser Microphone
 2. LCD Display
 3. Power Switch
 4. Level range control switch: 30dB~80dB  50dB~100dB
  60dB~110dB  80dB~130dB
 5. Maximum value hold swithc. (MAX)
 6. Frequency weighting select switch
   A: A weighting for general sound level measurements.
   C; C-weighting for checking the low frequency content of noise
 7. Time weighting select switch
   Fast: For normal measurements
   Slow: For checking average level of fluctuating noise
  8. AC output terminal: 0.707 Vrms
   Corresponding to each range step.
 9. DC output terminal: output 10mV / dB
 10. Calibration control
 11. External DC 60V power supply terminal
 12. Battery Door
 13. Tripod mounting screw
 14. Windscreen
AS824-3   LCD Display:
 1. Level range
 2. Instantanceous sound pressure level
 3. Low battery mark.
 4. Maximum value is held during measuring
 5. Measure Value
 6. Measure Unit
 7. Frequency weighting A/C
 8. Level range Bar graph
 9. Rang over
 10. Slow time weighting
 11. Fast time weighting
 12. Range under    


Calibration Procedures: (Pls use a Standard Acoustic Calibrator)

  1. Make the setting: Display: SPL(dBA) Time/Weighting: Fast/Level range: 60~110dB /Measurement mode: MAX function disable
 2. Insert the microphone carefully into to the 1/2 inch hole of the Calibration
 3. Turn on the Calibrator and adjust the Protentiom eter in side the battery compartment of the unit (shown in the diagram 1), The level of the units ( show in the diagram 1), The level display will indicate the desired level(94.0) our products are all  well calibrated before shipment  (Recommended recalibration cycle; 1 year )

Operation guide:
 1. Turn on power ( pls install battery first before power on)
 2. Select the desired response and weighting, also select desired rang.
 3. If weighting for general mosie sound level, pls select dBA.
  4. If the sound source consists of the short brusts of only catching sound peak, set response to FAST, to measuring average  sound level. use the slow setting
5. When MAX mode is chosen, The instrment captures and hold the maximum noise level.

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