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Epiphone les paul special 2

Epiphone les paul special 2

Jan 18 @ 12:28am
Tk. 16,000
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Tk. 700
Pearl forum series with mapex double paddle
Tk. 40,000
Laney 200 watt bass amp half stack
Tk. 30,000
Crate glx1200h guitar amp full stack
Tk. 40,000
Line6 hd 75 watt full stack new version
Tk. 35,000
Line6 hd 75 watt full stack old version
Tk. 30,000
Fender squire sunburst fender pup 15 combination
Tk. 18,000
Fender squire fender baseplate pup 15 combination
Tk. 18,000
Esp ltd 103 fm

Esp ltd 103 fm

Jan 16 @ 1:01pm
Tk. 25,000
Jackson jsx94 concept series made in japan
Tk. 40,000
Jackson ps4 emg made in japan
Tk. 45,000
CASIO CTK-3000 Keyboard

CASIO CTK-3000 Keyboard

Jan 14 @ 6:19pm
Tk. 10,000
ROLAND GW8 Pro Workstation Keybaord New
Tk. 67,500
Brand New Intact KORG KROSS 2 Workstation
Tk. 54,500
ALESIS DM-10 Electric Drum Set Almost New
Tk. 88,000
Valencia Violin 4x4

Valencia Violin (4x4)

Jan 13 @ 2:21pm
Tk. 5,000
Soundcraft GB-4-24 Flicgh case Call-01748-153560
Tk. 2,15,000
Shure Beta-58 Call-01748-153560
Tk. 18,500
Digitech S-100 New Call-01748-153560
Tk. 30,000
Soundcraft GB-8-32 Call-01748-153560
Tk. 3,25,000
Soundcraft Lcd-7-24 call-01748-153560
Tk. 1,05,000
Digitech S-200 New Call-01748-153560
Tk. 46,000
Roland Spd-S New Call-01748-153560
Tk. 38,500
Roland SPD-20 New call-01748-153560
Tk. 1,08,000
Roland spd-sx SE Red Intect call-01748-153560
Tk. 72,500
Roland Spd-SX New call-01748-153560
Tk. 56,500
Alesis Digital Pad Drums

Alesis Digital Pad Drums

Jan 12 @ 12:40am
Tk. 38,200
Roland Xp-30 New

Roland Xp-30 New

Jan 12 @ 12:39am
Tk. 86,500

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