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DESCRIPTION ( VAT Software sale by Symphony Softtech )

Symphony Softtech Ltd.
জাতীয় রাজস্ব বোর্ড কর্তৃক অনুমদিত ভ্যাট সফটওয়্যার
Shampan VAT is suitable for any types of industries such as Manufacturing, Trading, Import, Export and Service.
We provide VAT software.
The main features of this software:
• Purchase of Raw Materials as per landed cost
• Purchase of Trading items for resell
• Receipt Entry: Receiving finish goods from production .In case of VAT 1/BOM process, issuance of Raw material to production automatically with Receiving finish goods from production
• Issue Entry: Issuance of raw materials from warehouse for production
• Sales of goods /Services(চালানপত্র)
• Treasury Deposit Update
• Items and Category
• Customer & Vendor Profile
• User Security & Company Profile
• Debit & Credit Note Adjustment
• Inventory Management
• Bangla and English Language Interface
• User Access Security Control

• মূসক-১(মূল্য ঘোষণা)
• মূসক-১১/১১ক(চালানপত্র)
• মূসক-১২/১২ক(ক্রেডিট/ডেবিট নোট)
• মূসক-১৬(ক্রয় হিসাব বই)
• মূসক-১৭(বিক্রয় হিসাব বই)
• মূসক-১৮(চলতি হিসাব বই)
• মূসক-১৯(মূল্য সংযোজন কর দাখিলপত্র)
• Treasury Deposit
• Stock quantity and price
• Various types of analytical reports on monthly, quarterly and yearly in VAT, Treasury, Stock, Purchase & Sales.
VAT processing software for any types of company
Our Address:
Concord Arcedia, 4th floor,Block-B,Road 4, Dhanmondi R/A,Dhaka-1205,Bangladesh
Mobile: 01713487326, 01730024169

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