VOS3000 (VoIP Operation Platform) One time Installation.

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DESCRIPTION ( VOS3000 (VoIP Operation Platform) One time Installation. )

VoIP Operation Platform
System Features :::::::::::
* For VoIP operators
* Routing by ASR, LCR(least cost routing)
* Gateway group, preset profit rate
* Voice codec priority setting
* Softswitch platform Control
* Support voice, fax and video calls
* Overload protection, load balancing, redundancy backup mechanism
* Card management business, achieve millions of global cards business model with IVR
* Efficient media access transponder modules, media forwarding up to 4000 concurrent calls
* Multi-server distributed placement, centralized management
* Excellent compatibility
* Multi-gateway encryption standard
* Connect analysis, interruption analysis
* Real-time monitoring for Call Performance
* Package features, providing daily, monthly, annual rent and other methods
* Add the phone area code automatically
* Only one number links you
* Value-added business expansion
* Best services and technical suppor

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