Bose VideoWave® II LED TV 46"

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DESCRIPTION ( Bose VideoWave® II LED TV 46" )

TV reinvented by Bose
See how everything you watch comes to life See how everything you watch comes to life. »

The VideoWave® II entertainment system is the only HDTV with a complete Bose® home theater and music system built inside. Movies grab hold of you with awe-inspiring sound and exhilarating effects. Music takes on a newfound spaciousness that will also delight you. Exclusive Bose technologies make it all happen with no speakers, subwoofer or wires in sight. If you’re looking for a new HDTV, you simply have to hear the VideoWave II system.

Vivid picture from an LED backlit display (1080p/120Hz)

Extraordinary audio performance with no visible speakers and no wiring to contend with

Music takes center stage with an included dock for your iPod®/iPhone®

Innovative click pad remote provides easy, intuitive control of TV and all connected sources

ADAPTiQ® technology customizes system sound during setup to adapt to room acoustics

Look inside the VideoWave II system Look inside the system. »

Sound beyond the screen
A car races left to right. A storm ominously gathers strength around you. The VideoWave II system delivers sound well beyond the screen. It captivates you the first time you hear it … and every time thereafter.

Exclusive PhaseGuide™ technology combines with a unique seven-element speaker array and advanced digital signal processing for convincing cinematic effects. Six high-performance woofers and a proprietary acoustic waveguide reproduce resounding bass for even more realism.
The vivid LED display of the VideoWave II system

Vivid picture
Whatever you like to watch, you'll love to see it on the VideoWave II system. It delivers a stunning picture on an LED 1080p HD screen. And with a 120Hz refresh rate, action sequences are displayed in smooth fashion. The video quality is evident, with the most natural picture possible ensured by a meticulous—and unequaled—screen calibration process. And it’s all in one elegant package, with a hand-finished aluminum frame.
single system

Single-system ease
The VideoWave II system simplifies home entertainment by putting everything in one place, with no need to change the aesthetics of your room. The innovative built-in sound technologies mean there are no speakers to wire and position. And the simplicity doesn’t stop there:

Up to six sources—like a Blu-ray player, cable box, video game system—connect to our media console

Our innovative click pad remote lets you control everything with ease

Includes a dock for iPod/iPhone, because we know how important your music is. View iPod/iPhone compatibility chart.

The click pad remote
Controlling a home entertainment system has never been this graceful—or simple. Its few buttons control the most basic viewing functions: power, volume, source/channel switching. Everything else is as easy as touch, glide, click.

Want to scroll through your cable programming guide or easily access your DVR menus? Just touch the pad with your thumb, glide around and click to make a selection. The functions of your connected devices are displayed right on the HD screen, unobtrusively framing whatever you're already watching.
Discover the ease of system control Discover the ease of system control. »
Smart simplicity
Unify technology guides you through the setup process using easy-to-follow onscreen messages

The Unify® intelligent integration system guides you through the initial process of setting up and configuring your system. It helps you choose the right cables and inputs, and programs the click pad remote to operate your connected devices. After completing the initial setup, you can use the Unify system at any time to change your system setup and configuration.
Sound tailored to your room
The ADAPTiQ system customizes home theater surround sound to your room

Your room is unique, with size, shape, textures and other elements that can affect the sound you hear. The ADAPTiQ® audio calibration system overcomes these acoustic challenges so you don’t have to change a thing. This proprietary technology first analyzes your room, then adjusts the VideoWave II system for a consistent, high-quality performance.
Setup and Service

As a VideoWave II system owner, you'll receive the highest level of Bose customer care. Within one business day of your purchase, one of our specialists will call to provide information on delivery and setup and answer any questions you may have.

When your VideoWave system is delivered, we'll set it up, connect all existing sources, program the click pad remote and provide a complete system demonstration. You only need to relax and enjoy.

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