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DESCRIPTION ( Al-Zaanat Magazine by Sayeda Sufia Khatoon ( Order Now) )

Sayed Sufia Khatoon a renowned writer of Bangladesh is now selling her special series of her work.
All your reliable answers of this world and here after are answered in her work. She is sharing what other
people wanted to share, the thoughts of minors and majorities. She has proven her scriptures to be outstanding
Her work itself speaks for nature, religion, rights and etc all in the right way.

" A Enjoyable, knowledge, and very intense scripture" -Head Huzur of Azad Mosque

" i first thought of it as a amature, boring by seeing the cover, but soon i read it and understood my ways"

The Following titles are for sale:

1. Al Zaanat Magazine ( Monthly)
2. Allahur Akatho Bader Porichoy ( Special Writer's Supplements) By Noman ( Allah's Porichoy)
3. Bisho Nari Muktir Upai ( Worldwide Women's rights and freedom")

These books are very comprehensive, and islamic... written with love and care...easy to understand for all readers.
Holds opinions, texts, anecdotes, stories , explanation and etc.

Order Now....

2000 Magazines of " Al-Zannat" is sold every month...with many still subscribing.. and Allah's Porichoy supplement sold 2 lakh copies...

"Al-Zaanath we posts literary scriptures and texts by our subscriber and people of modern world"

'We also post ad's and looking for advertisers"

Please Contact to subscribe:

Ask for Abdul Moteen ( Help Desk)

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Awards of Al-Zaanat
Nominated for best islamic writing
Nominated by ( Critics) Islamic Texts

You will find questions and you can call to ask question and it will be answered in next issue...

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