Cute Doraemon foot tricycle with awning music (Whole Sell On

Tk. 3,200


Khilkhet, Dhaka
Age : 1/2
Boy/Girl : Baby
Type : Doraemon
Quantity : 200
Category: Home & Living > Baby & Toys > Toys & Board Games > > Cute Doraemon foot tricycle with awning music (Whole Sell On

DESCRIPTION ( Cute Doraemon foot tricycle with awning music (Whole Sell On )

A dual-use vehicles, about one year old baby by the parents to control direction and speed storage dump can be placed on the part of the baby to go out when necessary items, and effort for parents; to the baby grows, some parts can be demolished and turned a let baby free activities tricycle;

Faders can control the speed and direction of your baby's needs do parents hands, and ease of action;

Humane protection design, more secure smart baby, resting on the palm, accompanying the baby's hand to place more comfortable, hang small ornaments to attract the attention of the baby;
Turned on the fence can be removable to meet the needs of the baby-changing activities;

Baby every day magical journey from here, the duo A dream theme design for the baby and the family a full day of good mood;
Awnings, retractable simple, rear mesh design, ventilation and fun!

Big wheels, foam plastic, ride comfort and safety for home use, do not have to worry about damage to the floor;
Weight: 25 kg

Legitimate authority, Viking security number identification;

Classic Dazzling Blue cartoon design, your baby each trip are to prepare a significant fashion glory, attracting bursts of admiring eyes;

With dynamic music, baby play leisurely;
The green ABS plastic with excellent performance, excellent impact strength, good dimensional stability, electrical properties, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, dyeability, baby, rest assured that use;
A good friend of the ride, the implementation of tilapia, the baby's mother's assistant;
Designed with the outdoor travel design with a retractable awning;
Selection of exquisite, sophisticated materials, the strong collision, long service life;

Solid axle material, flexible and wear;

Quality pulley design, suitable for wide range of areas, parks and other road use, also suitable for domestic use, and do not have to worry about damage to the floor;

Joined forces, the strength of protection;

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