Imported RO Water Purification System

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DESCRIPTION ( Imported RO Water Purification System )

Do you have any idea what you are drinking these days??? The supply water we get from WASA is full of poisonous heavy metal like mercury, lead, cadmium, etc.
You don't have to believe us seeing is believing! Our support staff can go to your house at your request and test your water quality with a simple electrode test. You will
simply be horrified to see the results for sure. Stay tuned because we will be uploading a water test video soon. We will also be creating our fan page in Facebook.

H 2 O Technologies presents you the cheapest and most reliable water filters imported from Dubai. We have ready stock of RO filters.
Reverse Osmosis is the world renowned process of water purification used to create 100% germ free pure drinking water. Our machines
make use of activated carbon and semi permeable RO membrane to give you pure drinking water.

You may think that this type of water filtration system is costly but with our affordable prices you will think otherwise. All our machines come with 1 year full service
warranty, so you don't have to worry about maintenance.

Models we currently offer for domestic household:
1. Model 060. 200 liters/ day capacity @ Tk. 20500 ( 1 year service warranty included)
2. Model 1550. 200 liters/ day @ Tk 35500 ( 1 year service warranty included)

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