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DESCRIPTION ( MAM POS for all kind of SHOPS and Super Store )

• Our POS Software will allow you to get the following benefits:

o It can print in small receipt as well as A4-size invoice format.
o It allows a fast one-step barcode scan-in.
o It will not allow you a manual entry of unregistered item.
o You can retrieve a past sale for viewing or refund purpose.
o You can hold up a sale while you process another.
o Sale in progress can be cancelled.
o Split payment is possible.
o Sold item can be deducted.
o It allows for part payment such as for reserved goods and those requiring delivery where a balance amount is to be settled upon pickup or delivery.
o The system will allow issuing of Delivery Order based on transacted sale.
o It allows for a damaged good in list of sold items to be returned and refunded through the use of a negative receipt.
o Report of hourly sales can be generated anytime.
o Extra discount can be given over seasonal, quantity and promotional discounts.
o There is a membership discount feature.
o Before tender, system will tell you the exact amount to pay by cash or card by factoring in any sale tax, rounding adjustment, member discount and extra discounts (if any).
o System still will tell you exact amount to pay even when split payment is involved.

Features for Report Module

o There is a rich reporting module built in with the POS system.
o Reporting module will analysis sales against vendors' supplies, margins and discounts within a specified period.
o It will make comparative analysis between sales vs. inventory for specified periods, based on vendors, barcode, description and department.
o It will show the balance stock of items for a given period based on barcode, description and department.
o Reports can be sorted in ascending or descending order based on vendor, barcode, description, Department, quantity received, quantity sold and balance.
o Report module can generate html versions of its analyses.
o As an extended feature, Reporting module is capable of collating inventory and sale data from multiple outlets for analysis.
o Reports provide an "inventory aging" option in that items where zero stock will not be reported.
o For a locally networked system, new products can be added at the backend computer immediately available for sale and at the same time barcodes can be recognized at the cashier terminal.

Stock Module

o If the same barcode had previously been submitted, System enables easy entry of new stock - no need to repeat entry of retail price, description, department, quantity and promotional discounts.
o Adding stock from a new vendor automatically add the vendor particulars - company name and vendor id - to the Vendor List window.
o Add Stock Item will allow you to link a new item with an image for the purpose of correctly identifying the item at the Inventory in future.

Member module

o System has a membership discounting feature, that means a preset discount will be given during Sale posting when the member's id is entered.
o System generates reports of members' purchases both in terms of items bought and amount spent over a specified period.

Staff Performance module

o System is capable of generating reports - both cumulative & date-based and product-based - of cashiers' performance over a specified period which can be used for working out sale commission.

Inventory module

o System has a powerful inventory module that allows you to view and edit all stock records.
o Inventory module provides easy sorting, searching and paging of the records.
o Inventory module is capable of displaying the image of a particular item.
o Inventory module keeps a record of instances of editing made by which staff?

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