Portable A/C Fan , Made in Malaysia

Tk. 5,000


New/Used : Most suitable for Bangladeshi
Brand : Made in Malasia
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DESCRIPTION ( Portable A/C Fan , Made in Malaysia )


We can supplt to you , the Portable A/C Fan , Made in Malaysia.

Technical / Specification

- High air flow rate , ~ 25 ft3 per Sec.

- Cheapest price at Clickbd.

- Suitable for all rome size and room type , can be used at Guest room , bed room.

- Do not consume any electricity power , so can run even shedding time , no need IPS.

- Small size and light weight , so can be easily move to any place as you need.

- All person in your family can join to use.

- On / Off controlling by manual.

- Speed of air flow can be varies from Low ,Medium , High by manual controller.

- Remoted control do not provided.

- Five colors are available.

If some ones , you can see more detail from below link.


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