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Gulshan, Dhaka
New/Used : USED
Brand : NIKON
Type : DSLR
Pixel : 10.1
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The D3000 is Nikons current DSLR for mirror reflex A RISERs and replaces the past 4775414: D60. The new camera steps into hard contested price segment between 350 to 450 euros on.

Ten megapixels, large display

With the ten-Megapixel-image sensor the D3000 on the dissolution level of the closest opponent Canon EOS 1000D, Sony alpha 230 and Olympus E-520 moves. The Nikon offers a pleasantly large three-tariff screen, which does not go into terms dissolution however beyond the class-typical 230,000 pixels. An image sensor cleaning is present, an integrated picture stabilizer non Nikon typically sits in according to equipped objectives as for instance the kit optics AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55 mm VR. The autofocus uses eleven measuring fields. The Camera Housings consists of plastic and is properly finished.

Did Nikon without some equipment characteristics, which make a photographing more pleasant: Thus for instance a Live View mode is missing, as offers it Canon EOS 1000D. The motive can sight the photographer alone by the optical viewfinder. Also a control key for the depth sharpness and are missing to Bracketing functions. The D3000 cannot likewise take up video sequences - nevertheless that is in this price range anyway still no topic.

Persistent the accumulator shows up: The energy storage supplies the camera for 950 to 1,330 photographs with river. The camera in the JPEG and RAW format stores photos. Who wants to send the photographs directly to the television, can a similar video exit with dissolution of standard use. A HDMI socket for the highly soluble expenditure is missing.

Assistant for a risers

Particularly for mirror reflex A RISERs Nikon planned a guidance mode: If the mode choice wheel stands for Guide in the position „“, the camera gives fundamental hints for a good dozen of photograph situations to assistance of display insertions. Such assistance can be helpful with the all first steps, is exhausted for lack of content wise depth however fast.

High image quality, quick series admission

For a 10-Megapixel-camera the D3000 offers a very high measured resolution: With minimum luminous sensitivity our test laboratory of the camera certifies a dissolution of 2.428 x 2,372 lines. Even with ISO 800 the measured values decrease/go back only easily. Nevertheless it is not enough in this price range to the best picture note - Canon EOS 1000D is a little better with the intoxication behavior. Some test photographs with different photo-sensitivenesses can regard you in full dissolution in the photo distance. The Vignetting correction worked in the test likewise perfectly, a deviation from 0,1 screen stages is a very good result. However the quite high middle color deviation is noticeable negatively.

The D3000 is ready for input after fast 0.7 seconds. The release delay remains however minimal with 0.5 seconds (inclusive AF) over the average. For a beginner DSLR the D3000 offers quick series picture recordings: It creates three photos per second with a maximum photograph sequence of six pictures.


The Nikon D3000 offers a very good image quality - with it the favorable beginner DSLR can quite keep up with more expensive models. However the equipment of the Nikon is quite spartan, there offers the direct competition of Canon and Sony more: Instead of simplified menu handling we would have rather wished ourselves a Live View function.

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