Oxygen exrator fish/shrimp farm/pond use

Tk. 36,000


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DESCRIPTION ( Oxygen exrator fish/shrimp farm/pond use )

vane aerator is fit for culture of fish,shrimp,eel,sea cucumber,abalone and so on. 1.Vane aerator can be used for both seawater and freshwater aquaculture. 2.The machine saves electricity and materials. 3.Also it can clean the water and be repaired conveniently. 4.It's a new kind of product which saves electricity obviously in the aerator series. 5.Especially it's fit for industrialized aquaculture,special fisheries culture and culture of aera where there is only illumination without tri-phase electricity FOBshenzhen price is 3000RMB(469USD/36000TK) If you are in the fisheries industry,please contact us. MOHAMMAD MOHI UDDIN China Mobile:+86 13066056540 China Office:+86 755 83048432 MSN:litonmr@hotmail.com Yahoo:litonmr@yahoo.com Skype:litonmr Email:info@ideatechsz.com

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