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    DESCRIPTION ( oxyelite pro )

    The number 1 selling fat loss supplement .

    OxyELITE Pro
    Super Thermogenic!*

    Burn Fat, Increase Energy & Support Appetite

    Is Your Fat Burner Targeting The Wrong Fat?

    Notice that we said subcutaneous fat cells as this is where many companies fail to make a distinction when creating thermogenics...

    Many compounds can produce a decrease in fat mass when it comes to visceral fat (i.e., the fat that surrounds your organs), but when it comes to improving how you look, subcutaneous fat is what you're concerned with as this is the fat that is just below your skin and smothers up your muscles...

    How Much Subcutaneous Fat You Have Means The Difference Between Looking Shredded Or Looking Like You Own Stock In A Donut House.

    Most crappy high-stim thermogenics these days target visceral fat, not subcutaneous fat.

    You need to get rid of excess subcutaneous fat to make a lean physique a reality.

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