BluRay Water Purifiers

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Uttara, Dhaka
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DESCRIPTION ( BluRay Water Purifiers )

BluRay Water Purifiers
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We know that showering or even brushing teeth with the mainline WASA supply water can make people sick.
Our system does NOT sterilize supply water into drinking water; for that you need MUCH more expensive systems that use filtration, reverse osmosis, chlorination and / or ultra violet.
Our system aims to greatly REDUCE the number of viruses and bacteria in your domestic water supply, thus enhancing household health.
ICDDRB tests are forthcoming on our system.

The purifying power of Ultraviolet Radiation now comes to your home, for the health and safety of your family water! The germ killing power of the sun!
- Based on proven science of water purification.
- Uses genuine medical components for UV sterilization
- Extremely effective against bacteria and viruses
- Customizable to your needs and budget
- Unique design maximizes light exposure for germ killing
- Will not stress your existing pump system
- System design widely used in Dhaka for bottled water
Act now for the health of your loved ones!

Read all about the cleansing and purifying power of UV light on the authoritative and most reliable site, Wikipedia –

Contact or 01715030907

Image gallery of a fully built BluRay unit active on the roof.

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