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How It Works

Diagram of the chemical process of odor removal via ozone


Outdoors, nature eliminates odors and microorganisms using both UV light and O3. Indoors, most places that generate odors receive very little UV light or O3. The Odor-Free purifier creates O3, or ozone, in a special process that utilizes an electrical current. Ozone sanitizes by breaking down odors, microorganisms and other pollutants at their source.


Nature creates O3 as a natural cleaner during thunderstorms, and also from sunlight striking the earth’s atmosphere. As an example, we’ve all taken a walk after a thunderstorm and experienced the clean, fresh smell in the air. That’s O3, or ozone, at work.


Normal oxygen (O2) is converted to O3, which is commonly called ozone. It reverts back to O2 in about an hour if the O3 is unused. This leaves the air fresh and clean because the source of the odor has been permanently removed. And there are no artificial odors so the space becomes free of odors, as nature intended. Employ the cleaning power of nature and create an outdoor fresh environment in your facility!



Ozone generators have been used for decades by professionals to remove odors from hotel rooms, apartment buildings, homes and offices. Different technologies have been tried by ozone generator manufacturers over the years. Corona discharge became the dominant form of ozone generation over ultra violet light because of the ability to create greater amounts of ozone. And ceramic became the most widely used plate material, because of the difficulty of cleaning mica plates, and cost and complications of replacing them.


This was an important consideration because all ozone plates will build up a film on them over time. This film steadily reduces the ozone output the more times the product is used. So the OdorFree uses ceramic plates with a design that makes them very easy to remove when they need to be cleaned. Years of experience in ozone generation manufacturing and field testing has proven that the OdorFree is the most user-friendly, most reliable and the easiest to maintain.



Designed and tested in the USA, the OdorFree ozone is built to commercial-grade specifications. Like most of your appliances today, from telephones to computers to microwaves, the OdorFree is manufactured in a plant that operates under ISO 9001 certification located in China. ISO 9001 is an international quality and inspection standard that requires certified factories to have documented, repeatable manufacturing and testing processes to ensure the highest quality products.


All major appliance companies require that the manufacturer be certified by this international body. The factory that manufactures the OdorFree also makes appliances for major companies like General Electric, Hitachi and others. Their reputation, certification and years of experience are the reasons the founder of SDI selected them many years ago to be the ozone generator manufacturer.


No matter where the final product is assembled, nearly all electrical components for ozone generators are manufactured in Asia. The OdorFree is assembled and tested to the highest ISO standards in close proximity to the source of electronic components. This ensures that every OdorFree ozone generator can be offered at a price that provides the greatest value to the buyer.


Commercial Ozone Generator 5000mg Industrial O3 Air Purifier

Compact design

Easy to change the ozone plate

Protect plastic box for timer and switch, more reliable


2-hour timer and hold function


Stainless steel Pre-filter

Stainless steel Pre-filter to remove large particle



Power consumption: 46W
Input voltage: 110-230V/50-60Hz
Air flow Volume: 100CFM
Noise: <40dB> Product size: 205*175*150mm
Packing size: 265*240*210mm
N. W. /G. W.: 2.0KGS/2.5KGS
Application Area: 5000 sq. Ft/                                                       500 sq. Meter


Powerful, low noise level, portable, light and easy maintenance
High-powered oxidation in a compact, rugged, and simple design.
Heat sink to reduce the heat on the ozone plate, longer lifespan
Utilizing controlled corona discharge ozone technology developed
Stainless steel Pre-filter to remove large particle
High quality electronic parts, UL listed fan


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