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DESCRIPTION ( Marketing & Sales Team Management CRM Software )

WinWin CRM is a web based, Business to business (B2B) customer relationship management (CRM) software for Marketing & sales team management. WinWin crm is a game changing solution for every industry under the sun.

Our company Win-Win CRM Solutions is the developer of most popular web-based Business to Business (B2B) marketing and sales team management software WinWinCRM.
WinWin CRM is the most user friendly and efficient B2B CRM software because it is developed keeping Bangladeshi users in mind.
1.A complete solution.
2.The structure of the software is appreciated by the prospects.
3.Best available local support

What makes WinWin CRM ideal for you??
1. Improve your sales
2. Boost Teamwork
3.User Friendly
4. Low cost & Scalability
5.Localized Solution
6.Better Security
7. Career Support
How WinWin CRM helps marketing and sales team management??
1.Market mapping and landscape analysis
2.Opportunity assessment
3.Purchase committee mapping
4.Competition analysis
5.Relationship strategy
6.Real time personnel tracking
WinWin CRM software to excel you with:
1.300% improvement in lead conversion rates
2.41% revenue increase per sales person
3.27% improvements in customer retention
4.24% decreased sales cycles
5.23% decreased sales and marketing cost
WinWin CRM transforms your marketing & sales team from task oriented (Thinks “inside of the box”) to result oriented (Thinks “outside of the box”) what really matters and what creates the actual results.
“We win only when our customers win”
Win-Win CRM Solutions
BFEW Centre(4th Floor)
56/1/b West Panthapath,Dhaka-1205
+880 1613163906

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