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MacBook water damage is not easy to repair; even minor spills can present advanced issues requiring lots of tools and expertise. Repairing MacBook water damage is doable—however, if you are a novice, read this entire post to ensure you don't get in over your head. Beware of any advice telling you to simply allow it to dry or clean it with alcohol; modern MacBooks have many components that can be damaged by a spill. This guide will explain all you need to know about MacBook water damage, and help you decide whether to attempt your own DIY repair or find an expert.
Once MacBook water damage has occurred, the liquid will likely make its way to the logic board and other components. The liquid’s minerals and salts immediately begin to eat away at the metal, silicone and fiberglass components. Often, the Mac will work for a few days after the spill and then stop working. This is due to the metals oxidizing and slowly corroding. If there is a power source available, such as a battery, which is supplying power to the system (even if the computer is off), the electric current will interact with the liquid and accelerate this corrosion process. This causes the copper and other metals to migrate across the board. If this corrosion process is not stopped, you will likely end up with a very expensive paperweight.
water damage—just take your time and ensure you have a good grasp of the task ahead of you, and you too can restore your MacBook after a liquid spill. Good Luck!

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