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Uttara, Dhaka
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DESCRIPTION ( American English Course in Bangladesh )

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If you think your English accent is "Banglish", 
than this is the perfect opportunity to make it sound like proper American English.

Students must understand and know how to speak a little bit of English for this course.
It focuses on accent development, We also have other courses for Absolute Beginners.

Course Duration: 3 Months
Total hours: 42 Hours.
Total Classes: 30 Classes.
All materials are provided in class.

------Course Objectives------
1] To enable the students to acquire phonetic skills required for oral skills. 
2] To give ear training to students to help them to listen sounds which are not there in their regional languages. 
3] To acquaint the students with the phonological structure of modern English. 
4] To orient the students to word accents and speech rhythm and spoken English.

-----Topics Covered----
1] Phonemes: Consonants, Vowels and Diphthongs 
2] Phonetic transcription of words and sentences 3] Syllables and CVC pattern 
4] Rules for word accents 5] Weak forms and strong forms 
6] Accent patterns in connected speech 7] Intonation: Rising tone, Falling tone etc.

----Accent Patterns----:
1] Greeting
2] Introducing Oneself
3] Invitation
4] Making Request
5] Expressing Gratitude
6] Complimenting and Congratulating
7] Expressing Sympathy
8] Apologizing
9] Asking for Information
10] Seeking Permission
11] Complaining and Expressing Regret

-----Practical Test will include-----
1] Loud reading of a poem/ passage. 
2] Pronunciation of words 
3] Observation of accent and pronunciation of a given text

Using English in Real Life Situation
1] At the Bank/ post office/ College office
2] At the Green Grocer
3] At the Temple
4] At the College Canteen or Restaurant



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