AATCC Crockmeter (Hand Operated)

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DESCRIPTION ( AATCC Crockmeter (Hand Operated) )

Item Specifications
Warranty Period : One Year
Model : TM-01
Stock : In Stock
Origin : USA
Brand : AATCC

Crockmeter (Hand Operated)

Crock-(Hand Operated)-imageRamp Crock (Hand Operated) provides a reciprocating rubbing motion simulating the action of a human finger and forearm. It is used for determination of fastness of dyed and printed textiles to dry and wet rubbing.

The Ramp Crock (Hand Operated) is so designed that the 16mm diameter finger moves back and forth, with each complete turn of the crank, in a straight line along a 104 ± 3mm track on the specification, with a downward force of 9N.



Technical Specification
Diameter of the Rubbing Finger : 16mm ± 0.2 MM
Force on the Finger : 9 N
Size of Crock Square : (5 x 5) cm
Center to center traverse of the finger : 104mm ± 3 MM
Counter(Re-Settable) : 0-999
Size of Test Specimen : 25 x 5cm
Packing Dimensions of the Unit : 80(L) x 32(W) x 46(H) mm
Gross Weight of the Unit : 8 kg
Finish :

Light gray/ Metallic Blue

Main Unit : 01 No.
Crocking Cloths : 200 Pcs Pack
S.S. Spring Clips (For Mounting Crock Squares) : 02 Nos.
Blotting papers : 200 Pcs Pack
Specimen Holder : 01 No.
User's Manual : 01 No.
Calibrated Certificate (Traceble to NPL) : 01 No.
Related Standards
BS 1006
AATCC 8 / 165

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