Payroll and Attendance Management System

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DESCRIPTION ( Payroll and Attendance Management System )

Payroll and Attendance Management System
Employee Data
1.Employee Information (photo, dependents)
2.Job History
3.Compensation History, Payroll Deductions, Bonuses, Court Orders etc.
4.Training Information
5.Certifications and Education
6.Equipment Tracking
7.Grievance History (e.g. Complaint, Discipline, Dispute etc.)
8.Performance Evaluations - Status - Factors - Goals
9.Leave & Attendance
10.Time sheets (weekly / monthly)
11.Expense Records
12.Promotion / Transfer
13.Leave Balances
14.Benefits Information
15.Accidents Claims
16.Groups (e.g. Memberships, Committees, etc.)
19.Ongoing Notes
20.Record appraisal scores and grading.
21.Employee Financial Information (Loans, Incentives, Advances)
22.Capture employee expense records,
23.Manage salary structures and changes to salary records,
Attendance Management
1.Tracking daily attendance and Integrating with data from attendance devices
2.Scheduling shifts and managing timesheets
3.Punch In/Punch Out
4.Monthly Attendance Data
5.Employee Attendance Schedule
6.Daily Attendance Data
Payroll Management
1.Pay Scale
2.Pay Grade
3.Employee Salary Information
4.Employee salary Payment
5.Employee Bonus Payment
6.Compensation history, payroll deductions, bonuses, court orders etc.
Employee Exit Management
1.Exit interview details and know the reasons for attrition,
2.Manage final clearance of employee from various departments ensuring that employee has completed all formalities.
1.Company policy and procedures
2.HR Forms
1.Employee Current Status,Daily Present Report,Daily Absent Report,Daily Leave Report,Daily Punch Error Report,Shift wise Report,List of Current Employees,Employee ID Card (Bangla/English),Leave Application Report,Leave Details Report,Leave Report Summary,.Duty Joining Report,Pay Slip (Bangla, Engligh),Pay Slip (Bangla, Engligh),End of Service Settlement Acknowledge,End of Service Settlement Acknowledge,Appointment Letter,Confirmation Letter,Confirmation Letter,Increment Report,Increment Report,Monthly Employee Attendance,Daily Present Report,Daily Present Report,Daily Absent Report,Punch Missing Report,Daily Attendance Summary,.Monthly Attendance Details(Partial, Monthly),Roster Management,Production based Salary Report(Partial or Full),Monthly Salary Settlement Details (Partial, Monthly),Monthly Salary Statement Summary (Partial, Monthly),Salary Sheet by Cash Payment(Partial, Monthly),Salary Sheet by Cash Payment (Partial, Monthly),Bonus Statement,Loan Report,Salary Report,Employee JOB Card,Employee Pay Slip Department Wise
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