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DESCRIPTION ( Point of Sale Software (POS) )

Streamline the retail checkout process for your employees and customers. Supoth point of sale software (POS) provides businesses with a cash register system that stores product information, making the checkout process quicker and more accurate for your customers and your records.

Software Features:
Sales Management System:
❖ Scan Product Barcode at POS for quick sale.
❖ Works with touch screen terminals and barcode scanners eliminating the need for mouse or keyboard input.
❖ Records Sales transactions quickly and easily.
❖ Manages Discount Options at POS (Able to add Discount by Amount / Percentage at POS) ❖ Refunds and Returns.
❖ Generates and prints professional looking receipts.
❖ Reports to analyze sales by salesperson or by item.
❖ Set Different Receipt for Different Outlets.
❖ Easy to search Hold Bills from POS.
❖ Hold Bills Options to save it in Opened Bills at POS.
❖ Add VAT & TEX Option

Purchases Management System:
❖ See All Purchases List.
❖ Add New Purchases.
❖ Create Purchases Order.

Official Expenses Management System:
❖ Add Daily office Expenses.
❖ Add Employee salary Expenses.
❖ All kind of Expenses you can add.
❖ See all expenses list.

Multiple Payment Methods:
❖ Cash Payment
❖ Bank Payment
❖ Card Payment
❖ Online Payment
❖ Mobile Banking Payments

Inventory Management System
❖ See All Products List.
❖ Add New Product Easily.
❖ Print Bar-codes and Labels with product info and price.
❖ Update Products Price.
❖ Receive Ordered Qty from Suppler and update Receive Qty. and Product Cost.
❖ Quantity Adjustments .

Product Transfer
❖ See Transfer History.
❖ Add New Transfer.

Customer Management System:
❖ Add Customer Detail.
❖ Customer Payment History.
❖ Customer Sales & Due History.
❖ Add Customer without leaving POS Screen.
❖ Email Receipt to Customer.

Supplier Management System:
❖ Able to Add Supplier
❖ Able to make Purchase Order to Supplier
❖ Print Purchase Order Sheet to give Supplier
❖ Receive Ordered Qty from Suppler and update Receive Qty. and Cost.
❖ Deduct Stock Qty. from Inventory when Item sold from POS

Others System:
❖ Deliveries Management
❖ Gift cards Management
❖ Quotations Management
❖ Order Management

Reporting System.
❖ Overview Chart.
❖ Profit & Loss for Outlets.
❖ Detail Profit & Loss for Each Sales
❖ Warehouse Stock Chart
❖ Best Sellers Report
❖ Register Report
❖ Product Quantity Alerts
❖ Products Report
❖ Adjustments Report
❖ Categories Report
❖ Brands Report
❖ Daily Sales Report
❖ Monthly Sales Report
❖ Sales Report
❖ Payments Report
❖ Tax Report
❖ Profit and/or Loss
❖ Daily Purchases Report
❖ Monthly Purchases Report
❖ Purchases Report
❖ Expenses Report
❖ Customers Report
❖ Suppliers Report
❖ Staff Report
❖ Export Report by Excel or JPG Format

Others Features:
❖ Simple & User-Friendly Interface
❖ Unlimited User
❖ Supports receipt printers that use roll paper.
❖ Integrates with Inventory to maintain inventory data and quantities across all aspects of your business.
❖ Data backup/restore feature to keep data safe.
❖ Installs and ready for printing in less than a minute.
❖ Designed to be very easy to use for day-to-day operation.
❖ Customers comments on products
❖ Print Receipts in Multiple Sizes.

❖ Date Format (Select any date format from 9 Available date format)
❖ Set Product Display for POS (By Name, By Photo or By Both)
❖ Set Currency for the Application (POS)
❖ Set Time zone for the Application (POS)
❖ Set Tax percentage for POS
❖ Set Pagination Limit
❖ Able to Add Outlets
❖ Company all Information customize
❖ Multipole Currencies add
❖ Customer Groups Create.
❖ Price Groups Create.
❖ Categories Set.
❖ Expense Categories Set.
❖ Units Set.
❖ Multipole Brands Create.
❖ Variants Set.
❖ Tax Rates Set.
❖ Warehouses Setup.
❖ Email Templates Create.
❖ Group Permissions.
❖ Data Backups.
❖ Able to Assign Users for each Outlet by Manager/Sales Staff Role
❖ Easy to install the Project
❖ Many more for the futures updates
❖ Dynamic & Customization option.

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