Brick Field Management Software.

Tk. 80,000


Mirpur, Dhaka
Category: Computers > Software > > > Brick Field Management Software.

DESCRIPTION ( Brick Field Management Software. )

1. User
Add User
User Roles
User Wise Daily Report
User Wise Total Report
User Wise Total Income Report
User Wise Total Expense Income Report
User Wise Paid Report
User Wise Due Report
2. Customer:

Customer Wise Report
Due Report
All Report
Total Expense Report
Paid Report
Due Report
3. Sale Management:

1 No Brick
2 No Brick
3 No Brick
Total Payment
Paid Amount
Due Amount
4. Track Management:
5. Load and Unload Management System
6. Operators and workers
7. Payroll Management System
8. Expense Management System
9. Stock Management System
10. Land Management
11. Koila Management
12. Mill Party Management
13. Brick Stock Management

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