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DESCRIPTION ( POS system With Inventory and Accounting )

Software Entry forms
Master Data Management
1. Details Product Information
2. Details Customer Information
3. Details Vendor/Supplier Information
4. Products and Components
5. Product categories.
6. Price List
7. Multi Unit of Measurement
1. Customer Information
2. Customer Credit Limit
3. Customer Address and Contact Details
1. Supplier Information
2. Supplier Address and Contact Details
3. Supplier Payment Term
Sales Management (POS)
1. Product details Information
2. Product Category
3. Product Price Entry
4. Barcode Scanner , Card Processing ,Cash Drawer ,Multiple Printer ,Customer Display Integration
5. Sale Entry
6. Sales Return
7. Sales Refunds
8. Payment Option (Cash, Credit Card , Debit Card)
9. Buying and Selling Information
10. Customer Due Information
11. Tax Entry
12. Daily Cash Closed Management
13. Daily Deposit and Withdraw Information
14. Multi Terminal Support
15. Discounts and Promotion
16. Cash reports by POS terminal and by dates
17. Average cart by store and by dates
18. Sales reports by POS terminal
19. Sales reports by agent
20. Inventory reports
21. Sales Invoice Dimensional Report
22. Stock Report
23. Sales Dimensional Report
24. Warehouse Control Report
Inventory Management
1. Warehouses and bins Setup
1. Stock Information
2. Stock Maintenance
3. Store /Warehouse (Multiple Store/Multiple Warehouse)
4. Opening Stock Entry
5. Warehouse units, lots, serial numbers, packages, labels, receipts and deliveries
Employee/User Security Management
1. Employee Information
2. User Management
3. User Based Security System
Financial Management
Receivables and Payables
1. Payment Out
2. Payment Proposal
3. Payment In
4. Financial Account
5. Payment Execution
6. Payment Run
7. Bank Statement
8. Tax Payment
9. Cash Journal
10. Funds Transfer
11. Remittance
12. Payment Status Management
13. Manual Settlement
14. G/L Journal
15. Budget
16. Create Budget Reports in Excel
17. Open/Close Period Control

Reporting Feature

1. Daily Sales Report by Cash Counter
2. Monthly Sales Report
3. User Wise Sales Report
4. Current Stock Report
5. Daily Cash Report by Cash Counter
6. Customer Due Report
7. Collection Report (Cash,Card)
8. Widgets
9. Bank Report
10. Cash Report
11. Cashflow Forecast
12. Payment Report
13. Payment Aging Balance
14. Invoice Taxes Report
15. Payment Tracker
16. Bank Payment Voucher
17. Bank Receipt Voucher
18. Cash Payment Voucher
19. Cash Receipt Voucher
20. Journal Voucher
21. Transfer Voucher
22. Ratio Analysis
23. Balance sheet and P&L structure
24. Trial Balance Report
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