AHUJA Conference System CM-5000 Series

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Mohammadpur, Dhaka
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DESCRIPTION ( AHUJA Conference System CM-5000 Series )

Central Mixer Amplifier Highly sensitive 18.5" (47cm) long gooseneck microphone for comfortable sharing by two delegates. Bright and uniform band LED indicator. Chairman/Delegate Units have attractive and well contoured plastic top for superior appearance. Rugged and compact die cast aluminium base for better stability of Chairman/Delegate Units. Adjustable headphone output available from each Chairman/Delegate Unit. Automatic Mic Off feature in Delegate units which is selectable through a switch in the Central Amplifier. Chairman Unit has Priority Switch. Central Amplifier has a digital recorder for recording the proceedings. Also it can playback the pre-recorded messages. Switchable send/return facility in Central Amplifier. Three Mic inputs and one Aux input for various user applications. 50W PA Amplifier for adequate sound reinforcement. Headphone output provided in Central Amplifier for monitoring purposes. AC Mains & 24V DC operation. Central Amplifier is 19" rack mountable. Central Amplifier has the facility of feeding two independent groups of Delegate Units as required in large conference setups. Conference System can be installed in a bus bar arrangement by using Junction Boxes CB-45. Chairman Unit: . The chairman unit has a TALK switch with LED. It also has a PRIORITY switch with LED. When priority switch is pressed, a chime tone is generated to seek attention and mute the active delegate microphones. Delegate Unit: Each unit is provided with a long goose neck condenser microphone which is highly sensitive and unidirectional. The microphone is provided with a diffused LED housing to provide positive visual identification of the unit in operation. The built-in speaker in each unit provides clear and crisp sound reinforcement. The output level of the speaker can be adjusted through a recessed volume control in the unit. Each unit has a headphone output, TALK switch and a TALK LED. The MIC LEVEL LED in the delegate unit flickers to indicate microphone input signal level. Price: Central Mixer Amplifier — 36,000.00 Chairman Unit — 20,000.00 Delegate Unit — 19,000.00

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