Digital Stabilizer 7.5KVA

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Model : 7.5KVA
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DESCRIPTION ( Digital Stabilizer 7.5KVA )


Technology: Microprocessor Control System

Overload Protection: Intelligent Overload Protection System.When electronic equipment such as AC,Refrigerator,Computer etc are produce short circuit or overload that time work our Intelligent Overload Protection System.This system overload check three times consecutively.After than our stabilizer automatically off until to remove short circuit or over load.

LCD Display:

Delay, Input Voltage, Output Voltage, High Voltage, Low Voltage, Overload & Delay Time.

Input Voltage Range: AC 80-280V

Output Voltage Range: AC 200-230V

Frequency Input: 50/60 Hz

Output Precision: ±1.5%

LED Indicator:

Green Working

Yellow Delay Time

Red Unusual (Over Load, High Voltage, and Low Voltage)

Delay Function: Delay Time 10sec to 60Sec


Thunder protection

Surge Protection

Spike Protection

High Voltage Protection

Low Voltage Protection

Overload Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Phase: Single Phase

2 years Guarantee.

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