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DESCRIPTION ( Woven Apparels )

Why Choose Woven Apparels?

The woven garments are strong. The fact that the threads and yarns used to make the woven cloths are woven multiple times under each other results into very strong fabrics at the end of the day. Denim is one of the best examples when it comes to woven fabrics and its strength is undeniable. The woven garments from Manamo Fashions are not easy tear and they will therefore serve you for a long time still in good shape.

Woven products are impressively durable. The strength associated with these garments makes them some of the most durable you can find. The truth is that some of the woven fabrics stand the test of time only to fade before they show major wear and tear signs. We offer you garments that will serve you diligently; you will replace them only because you want to and not necessarily because they have let you down in quality. Some of the heavy duty fabrics include corduroy, linen, denim and tweed.

They are also very stylish. This is simply because the fabrics are easy to cut and work with hence achieving unique styles is pretty easy. Apart from getting ready made apparels from us, you can also order custom woven items to match your exact preferences.

At Manamo, we have woven garments for all. Whether you are looking for pants, shirts, dresses or shorts, you will find some for the entire family.
Our Woven Products

At Manamo Fashions, we have everyone catered for. You will find all kinds of woven garments for men, women and kids under our products. If you are looking for kids clothes, it is important to know the age and sizes for an easy selection. Choosing what you want is made pretty easy by the different categories and you can quickly check them out before then making your selections. Remember that the garments are available also in different colors; do not be shy to specify your labels in the color that you love the most.
Woven garments for men

Linen pants for men
Mens chino pants
Cargo pants for men
Skinny dress pants men
Sleeveless shirts
Long sleeve polo shirts
Golf polo shirts
Twill zipper pants

Woven garments for women

Bermuda shorts for women
Women’s shorts
Shirts for women
Dress pants for women
Khaki pants for women
Long shirts for women
Women twill pants

Woven garments for kids

Kids formal shirts
Boys button down shirts
Cool shirts for boys
Boys long sleeve shirts
Toddler shirts
Boys dress shirts

Manamo is a shirt supplier you can trust to serve your other clothing needs. You can get woven clothing labels wholesale and cheap woven tags from us among many other woven items.

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