American Surge Protecting Multiplug- 8 ways

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DESCRIPTION ( American Surge Protecting Multiplug- 8 ways )

World's#1 Guaranteed Surge Protecting Multi-Plug
American Brand
8 Ways

CyberPower B0820SA0 surge suppressor is ideal for home and office protections. The outlets with MOV technology guard the surge suppressor and connected electronic equipment against

power irregularities and lightning strikes. This product is designed with over-current protection. When the suppressor overloads, the power will be turned off automatically to protect the product.

1.Surge Protection
2.EMI and RFI Filtration
3.Overload Protection
4.Computer-grade Protection
5.Best-in-class dustproof Design
6.Keyhole Mounting Slots

Key Benefits:
1.Device Protection Design
2.Noise Filtering
3.Overload Protection
4.Computer-grade Protection
5.Best-in-class dustproof Design

1.Smart Phones & TabletsPCs & Workstations
2.Computers & Laptops
3.Printers & Office Devices
5.Cable Telephone
6.Telecom & Network Equipment
7.Video/Audio Equipment
8.Cable & Satellite
9.Home Theater Systems
10.Home Desktop
11.Home Office
12.Office Desktop
13.Back Office
14.Industrial Factory

*MOV-based Surge Suppressor: For regions prone to severe thunderstorms, Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) is an electronic component in the surge suppressor that protects connected valuable

electronic equipment against excessive voltage levels, such as lightning strikes. The surge suppressor help isolate any power surge, thereby avoiding potential system damage.
**Over-current Protection: With the intention to prevent or minimize damage for the connected devices, this surge protection is configured with a safety mechanism, normally a circuit breaker, to

automatically cut power during an overloaded situation of excessive electrical current, thereby, safeguarding your electronic devices and environment.

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