American IPS/Inverter 3000VA

Tk. 70,000


New Market, Dhaka
New/Used : New
Brand : Cyber Power
Model : OLS3000EXL
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DESCRIPTION ( American IPS/Inverter 3000VA )

CyberPower OLS3000EXL is a high-performance UPS featuring online double-conversion topology, which provides seamless pure sine wave power for mission-critical devices such as NAS and servers, DVRs/surveillance systems, transportation and infrastructure, and emergency systems. It’s typically integrated in the back office, server room, and data center environment.

By manually setting the UPS to ECO Mode, the UPS automatically detects the input power quality and discerns whether it should operate in Line Mode or ECO Mode. Under poor power conditions, the UPS will run in Line Mode, which guarantees the highest level of protection and the best possible power quality. When the input power quality is acceptable, the UPS switches to ECO Mode, which increases the total output power efficiency by up to 96%.

The product is equipped with a Maintenance Bypass Switch. By flipping the switch, the power supply is safely transferred to utility. This allows service personnel to carry out fast on-site maintenance without having to shut down any connected equipment.


1.Online (Double Conversion)
2.UPS Topology
3.Energy Saving Technology
4.Generator Compatible
5.Overload Protection
6.Zero Transfer Time
7.Smart Battery Management (SBM)
8.Extended Battery Module (EBM)
9.Surge and Spike Protection
10.EMI and RFI Filtration
11.Phone/ Fax/ Modem/ DSL/ Network Protection
12.LCD Status Display
13.Emergency Power Off (EPO) Port
14.PowerPanel® Management Software
15.SNMP/ HTTP Remote Management Capability
16.Tower Form Factor

Key Benefits

1.For Enterprise Application
2.Electricity Cost Savings
3.Extended Battery Lifespan
4.Scalable Runtime via EBM
5.Compatible with Generator


1.Data Closets
2.NAS & Servers
3.Home Theater Systems
4.DVRs/Surveillance Systems
5.POS Systems
6.Transportation & Infrastructure
8.Emergency Systems
9.Electric Lighting
10.Back Office
11.Server Room
12.Data Center


Extended Runtime

Extended runtime is critical for most power demanding electronic devices. The installation of CyberPower's external battery modules allows scalable system runtime, guaranteeing higher system availability that ensures clean, uninterrupted power to protected equipment even during a power outage.

Smart Battery Management

Batteries are normally consider as a consumable item that requires replacement on a regular basis. To further prolong battery life span, UPS adopted with Smart Battery Management technology uses a 3-cycle approach and temperature compensation method which efficiently reduces battery maintenance cost and achieves a lower total cost of ownership.

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