American Power IPS 1200 VA Specially for Home & Office

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Brand : Cyber Power
Model : CPS1200EILCD
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DESCRIPTION ( American Power IPS 1200 VA Specially for Home & Office )

World's #1 Home & Office IPS
American Brand
1200VA, 720 Watt

CyberPower CPS1200EILCD Power Inverter features high-efficiency conversion design and adjustable voltage range, providing reliable power supplies and longer backup to household and office appliances. Its flexible mounting design provides installation flexibility including horizontal, cabinet, and wall-mount orientations.

The Power Inverter accommodates hot-swappable external batteries and remains charging via the built-in intelligent charger during utility mode. In the event of power loss, a severe brownout or overvoltage, the inverter automatically switches over to battery power to maintain an uninterrupted power supply. If connected loads exceed the maximum capacity, overload protection activates and shuts off the power inverter.


1.Generator Compatible
2.Automatic Switch-over
3.Simulated Sine Wave Output
5.Surge Protection
6.LCD Status Display
7.Brick Form Factor

Key Benefits

1.Automatic Power Transfer
2.Simulated Sine Wave Output
3.Compatible with Generator
5.Device Protection Design


1.Video/Audio Equipment
2.NAS & Servers
3.Home Theater Systems
4.DVRs/Surveillance Systems
5.POS Systems
6.Electric Lighting
7.Remote Residences & Transmitting Station

Feature Focus

LCD Status Display:
Designed for professional applications, this intuitive digital LCD display can show real-time system status at the push of a button. The LCD display provides a compact way to convey information including input/output voltage and load percentage, ensuring better user experience for power monitoring.

Automatic Switch-over:
Providing automatic power fallback capabilities to ensure seamless power availability, this inverter is designed to automatically switch-over to battery power in the event of power outage, allowing hands-free operation and uninterrupted power supply to guarantee normal operation of your connected electronic devices.

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