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DESCRIPTION ( Cara pro 1.4 Homeopathic )

The Cara pro 1.4

Cara Pro 1.4 Homeopathy

Using the latest technology, ISIS has been developed to make your life easier. The repertories are clearly presented making navigation through rubrics as simple as typing a few letters on the keyboard. There are no complex commands to memorize.

ISIS displays relevant information on one screen making it instantly accessible to you with a single click. With the use of tabs, you can quickly and easily access repertories, materia medicas, dictionary, search results and more. When viewing Materia Medica, in addition to the full information provided by the different authors, you will have access to keynotes, relationships, miasms, families and so on.
Searching the library is a breeze! ISIS can quickly scan hundreds of volumes including repertories simultaneously. Using Family or Kingdom search criteria the results are delivered to you instantly in beautiful charts allowing you to explore and use numerous analysis strategies. The ISIS search mechanism provides you with a lot of computing power right at your fingertips
Some Breif Features Of Cara Pro Are As Follows: -
Standard repertories in Cara pro are :

* Combined Repertory
* Homeopathic Medical Repertory (Robin Murphy)
* Boericke's Repertory
* Phatak's Repertory
* Boger-Boenninghausen's Repertory
* Clarke's Clinical Repertory

Optional repertory you can add in Cara pro :

* Complete Repertory (Roger van Zandvoort)

Materia Medicas

Standard books provided: 65 works in total:

* Hahnemann's Organon, Materia Medica Pura & Chronic Diseases
* Allen's Encyclopedia, Handbook & Keynotes
* Kent Lectures & Lesser Writings
* Boericke's Materia Medica
* Phatak's Materia Medica
* Anshutz New, Old & Forgotten Remedies
* Lilienthal Therapeutics Of homeopathy
* Reversed Combined Repertory
* Clarke's Dictionary Of homeopathy
* Lippe's Redline MM
* Boenninghausen Lesser Writings in Homeopathy
* Cowperthwaite's Textbook Of homeopathy
* Clarke's Prescriber and Collected Writings (20 books in all)
* Close Genius of Homeopathy
* Hughes Cyclopedia
* Burnett's Collected Writings (21 books in all)
* Farrington's Clinical MM, Lesser Writings & Therapeutic Pointers
* Roberts, Sensations As If

Optional books you can add In Cara :

* Vermuelen: Synoptic 1, Synoptic 2, Concordant
* Scholten: Minerals, Elements
* Sherr: Dynamic Provings
* Sankaran: Soul, Spirit, Substance, Provings, Elements
* Murphy: Lotus Materia Medica
* Mirilli: Thematic Materia Medica
* Verspoor: Homeopathy Renewed
* Boedler: Psychic Causes of Illness

Searching With Cara Homeopathy Software

* Search all repertories simultaneously for words
* Search all materia medicas simultaneously for words
* Search the repertory using theme words
* Browse the repertory
* Remedy addition author names displayed on screen (where appropriate)
* Compare up to 10 remedies across an entire repertory or selected chapters

Multimedia In Cara Homeopathy Software : -

* Hundreds of color remedy photographs
* Over 100 audio presentations from respected homeopathic teachers

Analysis By Cara Homeopathic Software :-

* Comprehensive remedy classification - by family, plant species, element, animal, nosode, insect, snake and so on
* Analysis by Family of remedy, Miasm, Species and Periodic Table
* Emphasise rubrics
* 36 different repertorisation strategies
* Contains a sophisticated Expert System to help analyse your cases

General In Cara

* Patient record database
* Record a visit for each consultation
* Make your own additions to the repertory
* Annotate any rubric or materia medica
* Create new rubrics from materia medica searches
* Combine up to 10 rubrics to form new rubrics for analysis

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