2017 NEW!! 32 port 512 sim voip gateway Ejoin In Bangladesh

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New/Used : New
Brand : Ejoin
Capacity : 32/512
Type : Warranty- 12 Months
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DESCRIPTION ( 2017 NEW!! 32 port 512 sim voip gateway Ejoin In Bangladesh )

32 Port 512 sims VOIP Gateway
ACOM532series VoIP Gateway is a multifunctional and high performance product, which is designed with advanced embedded technology .ACOM532 series is able to process traditional voice call service and internet data service and adopt new hardware and software structure, which supports up to 32 concurrent calls.

Key Features
1.Support 32 channels 512 SIM cards (ACOM532-512)
2. Support 850/900/1800/1900MHz Quad-band GSM, WCDMA and 4G VOLTE network
3. Support 450Mhz or 800Mhz or 800/1900Mhz CDMA network
4. Support BTS and carrier change and locked
5. Support IMEI and PIN modify
6. Support encryption: RC4, VOS and Ejoin private etc, OEM encryption support
7. SMS receiving/batch sending, AT command compatible
8. Support USSD balance enquiry
9. Automatically lock/switch SIM card according to its balance, balance alarm
10.Support G729a/b/e,G723.1,G.711 a/u law,and mixed G729 and G723, iLBC auto-selecting
11. EBO(Ejoin Bandwith Optimization)
12. Proxy Encryption Solution for IP Block
13. Support SIM Bank
14. SIM Card Rotation(ACOM532-512)
15. VPN
16. Solution to solve the SIM card blocked

(1) Accumulated Call Duration Checking
(2) Accumulated Connected Calls Checking
(3) Accumulated Calls Checking
(4) Consecutive Failed Calls Checking
(5) Consecutive No-Alert Calls Checking
(6) Consecutive No-Answer Calls Checking
(7) Consecutive No Carrier Calls Checking
(8) Consecutive Short-Duration Calls Checking

17.Station intelligent switching
18. SMS Send and Receive
19. SIM card remote insert
20. ERCS(Ejoin Remote Control System)
Basic Features
1. AT Command, SMS/USSD
2. SMS Codec: PDU/TXT
3. PIN Code Management
4. Call Duration Limitation for SIM Card/Single
5. Black/White List
6. Phone Book
7. Dial Plan / Prefix Inward Translation / Intelligent Routing
8.CDMA Relay Answer
9.GSM Polarity Reversal
10. Carrier Selection
11. Caller ID Hidden
12. Call Forwarding
14. Network protocol: IPv4, TCP, UDP, PPPoE
Encryption: Ejoin, VOS2000, RC4, XOR, Base64
Maintenance & Manage
User Friendly Web Management Interface
Telnet Maintenance and Management
Console port safe mode
Chinese and English Interface
Configuration Backup and Restore
Support HTTP/TFTP Upgrade
Password Modification Through Web/Telnet, Multi Users
Call Statics: ASR,ACD,PDD
Call Status, System Status
Inter-Call Statics
Ejoin Remote Management System
IVR Customized

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