Hand Throwing Fire Killer.(Japan Technology)

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Gulshan, Dhaka
New/Used : New
Brand : Fire Killer
Type : Fire Extinguisher
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DESCRIPTION ( Hand Throwing Fire Killer.(Japan Technology) )

Product specification : The world leading fire extinguishing technology

## The throwing type fire extinguisher: Fire Extinguishing ability of 1 bottle (650ml).

## Just throw to put out fire. Easy to use even by children and elderly.

## Capable of extinguishing fire of 16 m3 area in 1-5 second.

## Restrain combustibles from burning again.

## Capable of extinguishing wide range of fire type : v Class A fire (wood, paper, cloth etc.), Class B fire (Oil, Gas, grease & other solvents), Class C fire (Electrical Appliances) & Class D fire (chemical substances).

## Not hazardous to human body, non-toxic & eco-friendly.

## Leave almost no stain after the extinguished.

## Maintenance free.

Technical Parameters:

Product Brand Name - Fire Killer
Extinguishing area - 1 6m3
Bottle - Special PVC bottle
Main Ingredients - Ammonium Phosphate, Ammonium Carbonate
PH - 8.70 +/- 0.6[200C]
Specific Gravity - 81.16 +/- 0.06[200C]
Preservation Temperature range -10 ~ 600C
Volume -650 ml
Weight -750 gm / 0.75kg
Term of Validity -5 years

Watch here how it works:

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