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Brand : JKDC
Type : Archway
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DESCRIPTION ( Archway Metal Detector Sales and Installation )

Archway Metal Detector Sales And Installation
Model: JKDM 200E
Brand: JKDC Sec. Co. Ltd
Origin: China

1. Six interlaced detection regions of the same high with the body and combining,
2. LED alarm light on column, displaying the area of metal detected accurately.
3. Four pairs of infrared emission and the receiver to prevent detection blind spot.
4. 100% Ferrous & non-ferrous metal detect.
5. With aluminum alloy binding tape, up to 99% non-condensing
6. Using microprocessor digital control technology, anti-interference ability,
7. Each region has 100 adjustable sensitivity, in accordance with the requirements in the 0-99 arbitrary regulation,
and gets rid of the interference of belt, zippers and other objects.
8. Pass-through number and the alarm frequency can be counted automatically.
9. Can be used independently, or several detection doors net work (minimum spacing of up to 40CM)to meet
the flow requirements of pass through.
10. Password protection function: to prevent non-authorized personnel to amend the parameters.
11. Assembled structure: easy installation. User-friendly diagnostics identify fault condition,
12. Standard: "GB 15210-1994. Through type metal detector door general technical conditions" national
standards Basic safety, meeting the requirements of GB4793.and program to be store in nonvolatile
memory. Comply with IP2(60529). Personal safety: Satisfied NILECJ-0601.
13. EMC electromagnetic radiation in line with the standards: comply EN60950,no harm to the wearers of heart
pacemakers, pregnant women, film and magnetic recording materials.

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