DSP Sinewave IPS/UPS Technology (hex)

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Model : IPS/UPS
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DESCRIPTION ( DSP Sinewave IPS/UPS Technology (hex) )

দেশে এই প্রথম সব ধরণের ইউ পি এস, আই পি এসো, ইনভারর্টার এবং সোলার ইনভারর্টারের টেকনলজি ট্র্যান্সফার সুবিধা দেয়া হচ্ছে। আমারা দিচ্ছিঃ (HEX+PCB+ Production Process Training)
১) মাইক্রোপ্রসেসর ভিত্তিক স্কায়ার ওয়েভ ডিজিটাল আই পি এস টেকনোলোজি
২) মাইক্রোপ্রসেসর ভিত্তিক (PIC16F72) সাইন ওয়েভ ডিজিটাল আই পি এস/ ইউ পি এস টেকনোলোজি
৩) মাইক্রোপ্রসেসর ভিত্তিক (PIC16F73) সাইন ওয়েভ ডিজিটাল আই পি এস/ ইউ পি এস টেকনোলোজি
4) ডি এস পি ভিত্তিক (DSPIC30F2010) পিওর সাইন ওয়েভ ডিজিটাল আই পি এস/ ইউ পি এস টেকনোলোজি
৫) ডি এস পি ভিত্তিক (PIC16F73) পিওর সাইন ওয়েভ+ সোলার চারজিং আই পি এস/ ইউ পি এস টেকনোলোজি
features like: (PIC16F73)
Isolated sensing of Mains: This will ensure that even if Phase-Neutral connection is reversed at the input side there will not be any electric shock on the PCB or battery.
Cycle-Cycle current Limiting: This is a enhanced protection method for the short circuit / heavy load condition.
Low cost driver: The costly driver with TLP250 is replaced with discrete components on the PCB
LED/7-segment/LCD display: The PCB is designed with provision for LED, 7-segment display or LCD display.
This inverter is a very robust design which will not fail in any extreme conditions.
If 440V is applied to the AC input, it will not fail. It will indicate high voltage cut-off and restart when voltage is normal.
If AC mains is given to the inverter output, it will not fail. It will indicate phase input output reverse and continue to work after it is rectified.
It has fold-back current limiting for short circuit and heavy loads. At short circuit or heavy loads, current limiting action will take place instead of tripping which will lead to more reliability.
LCD display for indicating various status of the system like inverter voltage, mains voltage, battery voltage, % of load, overload/short circuit status, battery low status, charger status etc.
LCD based Menu driven setup of various parameters like battery full charge voltage, battery low voltage, load condition, Inverter output voltage, charging current etc.
Protections against: Overload, short circuit, battery deep discharge, battery over charge, mains over voltage, reverse connection of phase in – phase out, reverse connection of phase and neutral of mains input. In all these error conditions will be shown in the LCD display.
Priority solar charging facility: When solar charger is connected mains charger will be in stand-by and priority will be for solar charger.
Delayed inverter cutoff for conditions like battery low, overload, short circuit etc. The system will automatically restart from cutoff after a few second buzzer beeps. The system will go to permenant cutoff if the error condition exists even after 4 restart.
1. LCD will display –
Battery voltage
Inverter output voltage
Percentage of load
Mains voltage
Changer on/off
Solar charging /mains charging
Inverter standby on/off
UPS mode / inverter mode
Phase input output reverse : whether mains is connected to inverter output
Neutral and phase reverse : whether neutral and phase is connected reverse
Overload : if load is above 100% and below 300%
Heavy : if load is above 300%
Short circuit
Overload trip
Heavy load trip
Short circuit trip

2. Menu driven set-up. There is no preset, the parameters such as battery low, charging current, inverter output voltage, load etc can be set by scrolling up and down keys and press enter.
3. Priority solar charging
4. Inverter/UPS selection switch, micro switch or ordinary switch selectable.
5. Inbuilt SMPS type constant current charging with full charge cut-off.
6. 20KHz operating frequency while inverter and charging, absolutely no sound.
7. Pure sine wave output
8. DSP based very low component cost design
9. Single sided pcb, easy to assemble without any smd components
10. Ideal for Mixed load application

Battery Input voltage : 12V DC – 84V DC
Mains Input voltage : 230V AC, 50Hz.
Mains input range : 0V – 440V, 45Hz-65Hz
AC Output (Inverter) : 230V +/- 3%, 50Hz
Inverter topology : Bridge type center aligned switching. MOSFET based.
Inverter output power : 300VA - 10,000VA
Battery charging : Constant current SMPS charging with full charge cutoff
Charging current : Settable upto 30A
Charger working range : 120V – 270V AC Mains input

Full bridge configuration based on power MOSFETs
DSP based intelligent control
Protection against reverse polarity
Dynamic short circuit protection with fold-back current limiting.
Protections against all possible errors like battery low, over load, heavy load, short circuit etc.
Early warning for battery low and overload conditions. System continue normally if the error is corrected.
SMPS type constant current charger with full charge cutoff.
Pure sinewave output resulting in silent operation of motor and fans. Safe to all kind of loads.
Ideal for Mixed load application
Indigenous design with proven technology.

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