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DESCRIPTION ( IP PBX solution / server in bangladesh )

We Provide IP PBX Solution for Office, Apartment, Shopping mall,Hospital, Educational institutes.

Advantages of IP PBX:
Benefit # 2 - 5000+ Extension can be configured.
Benefit # Customized Ext. Number.
Benefit # HD quality sound.
Benefit # Video Calling use smart phone apps.*
Benefit # Use Android or i phone apps.*
Benefit # Month end Billing details individual Extensions.*
Benefit # Voice conference so many Extensions.
Benefit # Based on TCP/IP protocols. Use your existing LAN system.
Benefit # you can use LAN network so don't need separate cable for extension.*
Benefit # Old system also work with IP PBX.
Benefit # one cable to use many Extension use network switch.
Benefit # Large Shopping mall can be used one hotline number for all user then they can call to mobile & T&T from Extension.
Benefit # Mobile Outgoing and incoming facility if use IP phone in IP PBX System*
Benefit # Billing Option individual extension (Outgoing facility Mobile / T&T) *
Benefit # Remote Branch or Office also use IP PBX.*
Benefit # For apartment you can use video calling then you can see if anybody come to meet you.*

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