Restaurant Billing with Inventory and Accounting

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DESCRIPTION ( Restaurant Billing with Inventory and Accounting )

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This software has been designed for all types of eating place like Chinese restaurant, Bangla restaurant, coffee shop, fast food shop, chain restaurant etc. It's a desktop application which supports multiple outlets with multiple floors and multiple counters in one interface. Some important features are listed below

Master Data Managementa
Details Product Information,Details Customer Information,Details Vendor/Supplier Information,Products and Components,Product categories
Price List
1. Customer Information
2. Customer Credit Limit
3. Customer Address and Contact Details
1. Supplier Information
2. Supplier Address and Contact Details
3. Supplier Payment Term
Sales Management (POS)
1. Product details Information
2. Product Category
3. Product Price Entry
4. Barcode Scanner , Card Processing ,Cash Drawer ,Multiple Printer ,
Customer Display Integration
5. Table Information
Table Layout
Number of chairs
Table Move , Marge Option
6. Table Reservation and Booking Management
Date and Time based Reservation System (Table gets automatically locked)
7. Kitchen Order Management
Send All (Sending Food Preparation Instruction to kitchen/bar)
Hold Line (Sending instruction to kitchen/bar to Stop Food Preparation)
Fire Line (Sending Food Preparation Instruction for Held
products to kitchen/bar)
Cancel All (Cancels all products on order)
8. Cash Management,Cash Up,Reviewing pending tickets,Counting cash and other monetary assets,Register differences, Print cash up report,Cash withdrawal from till,Cash deposit into till
9. Sale Entry,Sales Return,Sales Refunds,Payment Option (Cash, Credit Card , Debit Card),Buying and Selling Information,Customer Due Information,Tax Entry,Daily Cash Closed Management,Daily Deposit and Withdraw Information,Discounts and Promotion,Cash reports by POS terminal and by dates, Sales reports by POS terminal,Sales reports by agent Inventory reports,Sales Invoice Dimensional Report
Stock Report,Sales Dimensional Report,Warehouse Control Report.
Inventory Management
1. Warehouses and bins Setup
1. Stock Information
2. Stock Maintenance
3. Store /Warehouse (Multiple Store/Multiple Warehouse)
4. Opening Stock Entry
5. Warehouse units, lots, serial numbers, packages, labels, receipts and deliveries
Employee/User Security Management
Employee Information,User Management,
Financial Management
Receivables and Payables
Payment Out,Payment Proposal,Payment In,Financial Account,Payment Execution,Payment Run,Bank Statement,Open/Close Period Control
Reporting Feature
Daily Sales Report by Cash Counter,Monthly Sales Report,User Wise Sales Report,Current Stock Report,Daily Cash Report by Cash C Payment Tracke
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