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DESCRIPTION ( Hospital Payroll and Attendance System )

Retail ERP Solution Features
Master Data Management
1.Details Product Information,Details Customer Information ,
2.Details Vendor/Supplier Information
3.Products, components, bills of materials, customers, vendors, employees etc.
4.Product categories.
5.Measurement units, conversion between units
6.Price lists.
Sales , Distributor and Retail Management
1.Sales Quotation,Sales Order,Goods Shipment,Return Management,Sales Invoices,Commission Payments,Sales Order Report,Sales Order Report,Sales Invoice Report,Sales Dimension Report(Daily,Monthly,Yearly),Sales Invoice Dimension Report(Daily,Monthly,Yearly),SR Wise Sales Report,Shipment Dimension Reports (Daily,Monthly,Yearly).

Procurement (Import and Export ) Management
1. Purchase Rates, Purchase Requisition,Purchase Requisition,Request from Supply,Purchase orders,Purchase orders, Goods receipts, Purchase Invoice registration and accounting, LC Information,Performa Invoice,Performa Invoice,Landed Cost,Pending Goods Receipts,Purchase Order Report,Purchase Invoice Report,Purchase Dimension Report,Purchase Invoice Dimension Report,Purchase Receipt Dimension Reports,Relationship between orders, delivery notes and invoices(etc).

Warehouse/Inventory Management

1.Warehouses and bins,warehouse units,lots, serial numbers, packages, labels, Receipts and deliveries, movements between warehouses, inventories,stock valuation, transport, etc.Warehouses and storage bins (multiple warehouse use available),Stock products in multiple units (for example in kilograms and boxes),Management of bundles in warehouses ,Movement among warehouses(etc).

Human Resource Management

ESS (Employee Self Service )
1.Leave Application Self View,Employee Self View,Vacation Hand Over,Employee End of Service Self View,
MSS(Manager Self Service )
1.Employee Manager View,Leave Application Manager View,End of Service Manager View, Monthly Salary Approval view.
Applicant Data
1.Applicant Information,Application History,References,Skills,Import Hired Applicant Directly Into Employee Data ,
Employee Data
1.Employee Information (photo, dependents),Job History,Compensation History, Payroll Deductions, Bonuses, Court Orders etc,Training Information,Certifications and Education,Equipment Tracking,Grievance History (e.g. Complaint, Discipline, Dispute (etc).

Attendance Management
1.Tracking daily attendance and Integrating with data from attendance devices,Scheduling shifts and managing timesheets,Punch In/Punch Out,Monthly Attendance Data,Employee Attendance Schedule,Daily Attendance Data.

Payroll Management
1.Pay Scale,Pay Grade,Employee Salary Information,Employee salary Payment,Employee Bonus Payment,Compensation history, payroll deductions, bonuses, court orders etc.

Employee Training Data
1.Course and Course Event Tracking,Participant Roles,Participant Roles,Fee Tracking.
Customer Data
1.General Information,Contacts,Customer Groups,Project Tracking,Customer History / Notes.
Job Data
1.Job Information,Job Functions,Competencies,Responsibilities,Work Conditions,Requirements,Requirements,Requirements,Desired Skills.

Employee Exit Management
1.Exit interview details and know the reasons for attrition,
2.Manage final clearance of employee from various departments ensuring that employee has completed all formalities.

1.Company policy and procedures,HR Forms.
Applicant Tracking

1.Recruitment,.Workflow requisition,Approval and short listing,Approval and short listing,Finalization and offer,
5.Interview and test results,Integration with job description.

Employee Appraisal

1.Competencies,Goal setting,Analytics,Training Need Information,Promotion,Recommendation.

1.Employee Current Status,Daily Present Report,Daily Absent Report,Daily Leave Report,Daily Punch Error Report,Shift wise Report,List of Current Employees,Employee ID Card (Bangla/English),Leave Application Report,Leave Details Report,Leave Report Summary,Duty Joining Report,Pay Slip (Bangla, Engligh),End of Service Settlement Acknowledge,Appointment Letter,Confirmation Letter,Increment Report,Monthly Employee Attendance,Daily Present Report,Daily Absent Report,Punch Missing Report,Daily Attendance Summary,Monthly Attendance Details(Partial, Monthly),Roster Management(etc).
Fixed Asset Inventory
1.Assets Information,Assets Level Generation,Assets Register Report,Assets Location Tracking,Assets Location Tracking,Depreciation ,Amortization.

Financial Management
Set up
1.Bangladesh Banking,Bank,Tax Register Type,Tax Register Type,Cashbook,Remittance Type(etc).
Receivables and Payables
1.Payment Out,Payment Proposal,Payment In,Financial Account,Payment Execution ,
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