LED Screen outdoor waterproof neon signboard

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DESCRIPTION ( LED Screen outdoor waterproof neon signboard )

Outdoor aluminum die case led display,  Ultra-thin, ultra-light, easy to set up.

Could be install on  exhibition rooms, airports, hotels, shopping malls, stage, film room, station.

Could display different format video, picture, photo,word file and others so on.

Main features:

1). Wide application field :   Outdoor  Commercial advertising LED display screen, LED display board  for shopping mall,Stadium perimeter LED display  ,bank&stock exchange LED display screen for rates showing,train & bus station LED display screen .

2). High brightness:7000cd/m2     Automatic or manual adjustment of the brightness of the display.

3).Top LED chip:    Supplied by Silan of china & other high strictly selected LED chip to ensure the long lifetime and high brightness of our LED display system.

4). Clear vivid image quality:    Throughout the show, the picture clear, bright color.

5).Installation is simple,easy to use:    Easy and simple installation interface and user friendly software to ensure that customers use easily.

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Neon Sign rate (700 / 800 / 900/ 1200 / 1400/- per Square feet)

Minimum order budget 50,000/-

Acrylic Logo (20/- to 30/- per (inch)

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We have verities items of Indoor & Outdoor LED Green Signboards like :-

Ø SS/MS Box Letter LED Signboards.
Ø Acrylic Box Letter LED Signboards.
Ø Backlight Box Letter LED Signboards.
Ø ACP off cut LED Signboards.
Ø Indoor Acrylic Engraved LED Signs.
Ø Indoor & Outdoor Tricolor Scrolling LED Signboards/Billboards.
Ø Indoor & Outdoor Full color LED Billboards.
Ø Stadium LED Billboards.
Ø Swimming pool LED Billboards.
Ø Stock Exchange LED Display Boards.
Ø LED Slim Light Box (Thickness: 1”-1.5”inches)
specially use for Indoor Light Box. Anytime can change the Media.

Facilities of our Tension free No Maintenance LED Green Signs:-

ü Green Technology LED Signboards/Billboards/ Scrolling boards.
ü We use High Brightness South Korean LED.
ü 5 years Guarantee for LED, Life time 80,000-100,000 hours.
ü 256 colors RGB or Single color LED.
ü Save 85% Electricity cost.
ü 100% water proof.
ü No danger of Electric shocks, Leaks & fires.
ü No Maintenance cost within 5 years.

We make all type of exclusive Signage, such as………………
L.E.D Sign
LED Moving Sign
LED Letter Sign
LED 3D Sign

Acrylic Letter Sign
Plastic Letter Sign
SS Letter Sign
SS Top Model Letter Sign
SS Bata Model Letter Sign
Golden Color SS Letter Sign
Hair Line SS Letter Sign
Copper Sign
Bronze Sign

Open Neon Sign
Box Type Letter Neon Sign
Neon Sign Billboard

Poly Sign
Digital Signboard
Backlit Signboard
Frontlit Signboard
Profile Signboard
Panaflex Signboard
Project Board

Office Branding
Shop Branding
Name Plate
Glass Name Plate
Indicator Sign
Direction Sign
Hospital Name Plate
POP Solution

Digital Print
Banner Print
Festoon Print
PVC Print
Panaflex Print
Inkjet/Eco Print
Press Print

Our Sales Sign Materials………………..
Acrylic Sheet
SS / Stainless Steel Sheet
SS Potti / Chanel
Alcabond / ACP Board
Cock Sheet

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