Hair Growth Comb Set Laser Treatment Hair Grow Kit

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Brand : Royale Solution
Type of product : Laser Comb
Category: Health & Beauty > Beauty Products > > > Hair Growth Comb Set Laser Treatment Hair Grow Kit

DESCRIPTION ( Hair Growth Comb Set Laser Treatment Hair Grow Kit )

Fantastic Hair Growth Comb Set Laser Treatment Hair Grow Kit Regrowth Massager for Men & Women.

Wireless Vibration Micro Current Laser Anti Hair Loss Growth Massage Comb.
the product is low-power household comb massager that is professionally designed for baldhead. it is a new multifunction comb massager that can be easily operated at home. it has magic effect on removing oil stains, growing new hairs and preventing from losing hairs. This has an obvious effect after use.

Electronic comb massager

Impulse is traditional medicine in the world. it has incomparable effects on treating with difficult and complicated case. the micro electric current generated from electronic comb massager can efficiently activate cells and arouse deeply-slept hair follicles
Laser has germicidal effects, can decompose enzyme of nucleic acid rapidly and kill bacteria. during the treatment, with the development of impulse penetration into hair follicles clean bacteria waste jamming in hair follicles, and health hair follicles.
Infrared has super power effects to activate cells and intensify metabolism. it can promote the shedding of deceased cells and rebirth of new cells.

Infusing-style comb massager

Two-row special-made steel beads embedded in the comb evenly effuse nutrition in hair-growth lotions through micro massager of vibration. during softly teasing the hairs, repeatedly massaging or extruding , and stimulating the hair follicles, the nutrition in hair-growth lotions can be put into hair follicles under impulse.

Applied persons

it is applicable to the persons who suffer from steatorrhea alopecia, male hormone source alopecia, part alopecia, physical alopecia, chemical alopecia female postpartum alopecia, female menopause alopecia sub-health alopecia, head acrid, non-free head blood circulation, hair follicle clog, hair-rooted malnutrition, and other kinds of alopecia caused by excess cerebration.

In Box.
1 x electronic comb massager
1 x infusing-style comb massager
1 x charging holder
1 x charging adapter
1x manual.

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