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DESCRIPTION ( GSM Home Alarm System Shop Garments- PST-GA997CQ )

Model : PST-GA997CQ
Product description
We are the manufacturer of home gsm alarm system, alarm system, wireless alarm, home alarm, burglar alarm, security alarm system, gsm camera alarm, wireless/wired home alarm system, security system , zone alarm, home burglar alarm, house alarm system, gsm home alarm, gsm wireless alarm, auto alarm, home security, GPS tracking system, car GSM alarm, CCTV camera, all kinds of detectors.

Technical Parameters:
Input voltage DC12V / 1A
Standby current 55mA
Alarm current 450mA
Wireless Frequency 433 MHz, 2262 / 4.7MΩ
GSM standard Tri-band 900/1800 / 1900MHz
Battery back-up NI-HI AAA * 6 DC7.2V
Siren loudness 110dB

*7-way cable, 99 wireless zones.
*up to the code . 8 wireless remote control.
*the LCD display, built-in clock, easy and intuitive.
*Full voice prompts, easy to operate.
*Built-in intercom speakers, support for external speakers
*Timing arm and disarm: 3 set of timing arming, 3 set of timing disarm.
*Preset 6 groups of alarm telephone, the host automatically dial the telephone voice alarm.
*Preset 3 groups SMS phone, the host automatically send SMS alerts.
*10 Miao Artificial recorded message.
*built-in digital voice, a companion artificial intelligence automatic alarm situation.
*Built-Chinese short message, AI sent automatically.
*Telephone tapping machine that can talk to any telephone by dialing the host keyboard.
*one-button control , go out arm, home arm, remote deployment, remote telephone arm .
*alarm position Programming: SOS, fire, gas, door, hall, window,
Balcony, perimeter alert.
*instant, delay, 24 hours, and bypass multiple zones programming function.
*wireless learning code, new accessories increase convenient, safe and efficient.
*remote remote remote host arm, disarm, monitor, intercom and other functions.
*Event Logging Query: host automatically records 40 All information alarms event.
*multiple arming modes: real-time remote arming delay deployment out the host, the host at home STAY
, The specified time regular deployment, remote telephone remote arming.
*Priority grab line alarm: Whether the phone or play into the alarm occurs when the phone call,
Will host a telephone call is cut off, priority call alarm call.
*built the AAA the NI-HM rechargeable battery pack, power failure alarm.
*line with 3C safety standards and GB12663-2001 national standards.
*compatible with internationally accepted protocol of alarm center: Ademco Contact ID alarm communication protocol
*Configuration : Host 1 Bu + IR 3 Ge + door sensor 3 Ge + Remote Control 4 Ge + power supply 1 Ge + alarm 1 Ge + 1 smoke alarm

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