8 port GSM modem for bulk sms/mms in Bangladesh

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DESCRIPTION ( 8 port GSM modem for bulk sms/mms in Bangladesh )

8-port USB GSM modem
Ordering and first impressions

The USB 8-Port GSM/GPRS Modem Pool we tested was bought directly from the manufacturer in China. It was delivered within a week, complete with a driver CD, 8 antenna’s, a power cable and a USB cable. It is not necessary to buy directly from the manufacturer, multi-port modem pools can also be found on eBay (search for ‘GSM modem pool’).

The modem pool is a compact box with 8 GSM modules that can be replaced without opening the whole device. Each GSM module has slots for both a large or a small SIM card, a connection for an external antenna, an audio connection and an individual on/off switch. The USB connection is on the left and the power cable and main on/off switch is located on the right.

Installation and set up

The modem pool lacked documentation but this was not a problem because the installation was straightforward. The CD contained the USB drivers for all modern Windows versions and the installation on the 64-bits version of Windows 7 went without problems. After the installation of the drivers and a reboot of Windows, the 8 Wavecom GSM modules are all found automatically in the full edition of Diafaan SMS Server.

Daily operation

The modem pool worked like a charm during our tests, the modem modules are not the fastest on the market but they are pretty reliable. The on/off switch on every modem module makes it possible to swap the SIM card for a modem without interrupting the other modems.

SMS send speed*
Network Vodafone
Signal quality Average
Time to send 500 messages of 160 characters with 1 modem, delivery confirmation enabled. All messages sent to the same number (concurrent send and receive) 56 minutes 46 seconds
Time to send 4000 messages of 160 characters with all 8 modems, delivery confirmation enabled. All messages sent to the mobile number of the modem (concurrent send and receive) 55 minutes 30 seconds

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