Combo Of Triangle Shelves + Snap N Grip

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DESCRIPTION ( Combo Of Triangle Shelves + Snap N Grip )

Combo Of Triangle Shelves + Snap N Grip
Combo Of Triangle Shelves + Snap N Grip Features:
Ideal bathroom shelf for storing toiletries.
It can also be used to place dishcloth or other small things.
With two suckers, it can be attached to the wall which helps to save space.
The suckers are easily attached to smooth surface, such as ceramic, glass or stainless steel.
How to Use:
Wipe the wall to make it clean.
Unscrew the suckers.
Attach the suckers to the wall.
Tighten the plastic covers of suckers.
Connect the rack with the suckers.
Snap And Grip:
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1 x large Snap n Grip
1 x small Snap n Grip.

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