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Methyl Epitiostanol Dosage:
40-50mg/day standalone
10-20mg/day when stacked
Average Cycle Length: 4-6 weeks
Manufacturer: Bulkraws

Methyl Epitiostanol Profile:
Methyl Epitiostanol is a methylated version of the steroid Epitiostanol. It is readily active and does not require conversion.

It does not aromatize, however it is possible that methylepitiostanol may offset estrogen and testosterone from SHBG thus increase the risk of gyno for certain individuals with high SHBG levels. Gyno symptoms from this compound may also be a result of this compounds inability to form a potent androgen such as DHT (to antagonize the effects of estrogen). However, in other cases methylepitiostanol can be used to prevent or reduce gynecomastia from an estrogenic steroid by acting as an aromatase inhibitor to keep estrogen down.

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