Rare Natural Blue Sapphire

Tk. 2,76,000


Adabor, Dhaka
New/Used : New
Type : Gemstone
Category: Fashion > Jewelry > > > Rare Natural Blue Sapphire

DESCRIPTION ( Rare Natural Blue Sapphire )

The classic “cornflower blue” is what Sri Lanka is best known for. This “cornflower blue” Blue Sapphire gives you that assurance with its beauty, its magnificent colours, its transparency, its clarity grade, shape and size also its constancy and durability.
The following pictures are highly magnified (10X to 30X) and it is not the gems' real size. Colour will also, naturally vary, from sunlight to indoor, incandescent light. Dark and lighter areas are effects from the digital camera. See description for accuracy on clarity grade, colour, transparency and shape.

Gemological Properties
Species : Natural Blue Sapphire
Category : Oxide mineral
Refractive index : 1.76 - 1.77
Origin : Ceylon (Sri-Lanka)
Color : Grayish to royal blue, with slight violet secondary. The best range is a light to medium, fine 'cornflower' blue which is not too dark. Look for pleasing colors.
Transparency : Transparent
Clarity grade : Very Very Slight Inclusions (VVSI1)
Shape : Oval
Hardness : 9.0
Weight : 6.90ct.
Ideal for : Women’s & Man’s Ring
Price per carat : Tk. 40,000.00
Price per carat : US$ 500

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