Foot Massager

Tk. 5,500


Kola Bagan, Dhaka
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DESCRIPTION ( Foot Massager )

Different organ of our body is linked with different points of our hand and foot. Using this machine for 5 minitues can give you a fatigue free and well fit health. Foot massaging with this machine amazingly integrates/stimulates our 21 nerves linked with feet.

The Kneading Rolling Shiatsu Foot Massager is designed with foot shape and pressure points in mind to maximize relaxation on your feet. The kneading and rolling nodes efficiently improve blood circulation, ease pain and rejuvenate fatigued muscles.

Traditional Shiatsu massage and Reflexology deliver an acupressure massage to soothe aching feet and leave you feeling revived. The comfortable kneading board and rolling devices deliver an effective healthy massage in different settings: dual-foot, single foot, and sole regions.

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