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Animal cuts (The complete cutting stack)

This product worked very well for me, which is why my next set of supplements will be Test/Stak/Pump. I am very happy with my results. Out of the three above weight loss supplements I have tried, this has by far worked best. On top of that, this product doesn't give you a quick short boost of energy. Your energy level is mild, but it continues throughout the whole day. I also had no side effects with this product. With some of the other products I would have occasional stomach problems or they would make me agitated for no reason.

I went from 187 pounds at 14% body fat, down to 176 pounds at 10.5% bodyfat in two months. Calculate that out, I went from 26.2 pounds of fat down to 18.4 pounds of fat. I did drop some size, went from 160.8 pounds of lean mass to 157.5 but that is expected.

If there was anything I would suggest about this product, it is this. I workout in the morning. For the first 4 weeks, I would wake up and take a cuts. Wait about 30 mins to eat, then workout about 45 mins later. I then began to experiment which was a great idea. I found that instead, if I woke up and ate, then waited about an hour before I took the cuts, then went to the gym it worked out better. I actually received a pump/energy from the cuts being taken on an empty stomach prior to the gym. I guess I should have figured this out on my own earlier, but its better late then never.

If I had to rate this product, I would give it a 10/10. Some people would say that taking this many pills is annoying, but you get used to it really fast when you start to see results.

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