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Model : 10kVA-40kVA
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DESCRIPTION ( UPS for commercial use )

Online UPS for Small-medium computer data center, Industrial process and other mission-critical equipment.

■ High reliability on Design
• Double Conversion on-line design, which makes the output a pure sine wave source with tracking frequency , phase-lock and voltage regulation, noise suppression, and without power fluctuation interference, providing the load with more comprehensive protection.
• Zero transfer time of output, satisfy high standard power requirements of precision equipment.
• Modular design and dual-CPU control,high reliability and stability ensure the safe operation and high efficiency.

■ High reliability during operation
• Pure online static bypass technology,providing a strong protection against overload and fault.
• Built-in manual maintenance bypass,further improving the reliability of continuous operation.

■ Strong environmental adaptability
• The range of AC input voltage is 380V±20﹪,thereby reducing the battery using frequency and greatly extending the battery life.
• Wide input frequency range,ensure all types of fuel generators connected work stable.

■ Optimization of high-performance battery
■• Adapt intelligent battery management( ABM)technology,thus extending battery life and reducing battery maintenance times.
■ • Advanced CC(constant current) / CV(constant voltage) auto-conversion charging technology maximizes the activation of cells,thus save charging time and extending the battery life.
■ Comprehensive and reliable protection
• Self-diagnosis function before start-up,avoid the risks that the failure may lead to.
• The multiple protections such as overload, short-circuit, over-temperature, battery under voltage, battery over-charge and so on greatly ensure the system stability and reliability.

■ Strong Redundancy/parallel ability
• Some units can directly connected in parallel,increasing the scalability of the system.
• The parallel system can share a group of backup battery.
• Non-fixed Master-Slave relationship:Among the several UPS in parallel,the unit startup first is Master UPS,the others are Slave UPS. The master and slave can be exchanged. If the inverter of one UPS fails, the UPS will automatically cut off the output, then the load will be powered by remained UPS.
■ User-friendly network management
■• LCD accurately displays the status of operation and data for users.
■• Communication with computer can be realized by RS232 with corresponding monitoring software. The various parameters can be shown on the communication interface.
■ • External SNMP adapter. The UPS with remote network management capability can provide real-time data for communication and management through a variety of network management systems.

01:Three phase in ,One phase out or Three phase in three phase out

02:Double conversion online technology,

03:Static bypass

04:Touch LCD with control panel,

05::Remote Management

06:Parallel redundant

07:self diagnosis

08:low noise

09:wide input voltage rang

10. Pure sine wave

Available rated capacity: 10kVA to 40kVA

Voltage range

220 Vac±1%



Transfer time
Line mode→ battery mode

Charging time
90% capacity after 8-10h charging


Utility status、inverter、bypass、battery status、UPS abnormal、overload

I/O voltage、frequency、battery voltage、load 、internal temperature


Dry contact RS232 Intelligent Monitoring Software

(Pure sine wave 3:3 or 3:1 or 1:1 Phase output power, Foreign made)

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