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DESCRIPTION ( Tally.ERP 9 (Accounting, Inventory and Payroll) Software )

Tally ERP 9 software provides the benefit of full accounting, inventory and payroll management features. This is complete software therefore it can meet all the needs your organization. Though the software desktop based but you can see in remote or online accounting or all the activities. The offices those have warehoused can use the software therefore united, we have built in Inventory Management software. And Tally software in Bangladesh now!

Who Use The Tally ERP 9 Software?
Almost 2 crore users from the world use tally accounting software. 75% modern companies (who use any accounting software) are now using Tally software in Bangladesh.
Why the Software Got as much Popularity?

Because it is user friendly therefore anyone easily can maintain through this software the own organization accounting and with a few clicks any information can be withdrawn through this software.
OK, You want to know the features of Tally.ERP 9? Please check out the feature list below!

Accounting Features
• Complete Bookkeeping
• Powerful Audit capabilities
• “Scenario” management
• Accounting without CODES
• Unified Ledgers
• Comprehensive Accounting
• Payment Performance of customers
• Ratio Analysis
• Generate Quotations, Orders, Invoice, Voucher and Cheque Printing
• Multi-currency Accounting
• Receivables and Payables
• Budgeting
• Security Control
• Unlimited Cost/Profit Centres

General Features
• Job Costing
• POS Invoicing
• Unlimited Companies
• Data Synchronization
• Flexible Financial Periods
• Using Tally in Defined Language
• Consolidation of Companies
• Unlimited levels of classification
• Quick Information Sharing
• Profitability Reports
• Advanced MIS
• Drill Down Facility
• Display Vouchers in Grouping Method
• Tally is Web Enabled

TAX Features
• Quick, easy to setup and use
• Create separate VAT ledgers with VAT/Tax Classifications for input and output VAT
• Generate VAT invoice and Return
• Generate VAT Computation report
• Better VAT-returns management
• Pre-defined VAT/Tax Classifications
• Classified Transactions record
• VAT Payable or refundable
• Greater tax compliance
• Flexibility to have a different unit of measures
• Payments to central Excise
• Multiple Types of excise duties (Basic, Special, Education)
• Multiple Valuation Methods
• Keeping statutory records and reporting and returns

Inventory Features
• Multi-location Stock Control
• Multiple-location Warehouse Management
• Varieties of Management Reports
• Re-Order Levels
• Closing balance and its value
• Stock Ageing
• Flexible Units of Measure
• Comprehensive recording of stock movement
• Batch-related Stock Reports
• Multiple Stock Valuation
• Reorder Levels Multiple Price Levels
• Comprehensive Order Status Reports
• Sales & Purchase Orders
• Invoicing
• Management Reports

Why to Take Tally Software from Bangladesh?
We are reseller of Tally software in Bangladesh. Always provide the updated software, We provide any types of maitainance facilities and consultant as required to the subscriber of Tally software in Bangladesh. And we distribute the software in best price, therefore the surity to get the best service it you take the software from us.

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